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Etiquette Kansas City 2500 West Pennway Street, Kansas City, 64108 | Troop meeting Etiquette Kansas City provides classes for all ages and believes that good manners are not a thing of the past but should be a way of life. Teacher Janis Kliethermes believes that practicing good manners helps girls build self-confidence and a positive sense of self. For more information about Etiquette Kansas City, visit www. . To register for a troop activity, call or email Janis Kliethermes at 816-977-6182 or .

Frontier Community Credit Union Virtual Experience Frontier Community Credit Union's’Banzai Course is a virtual financial education course that teaches basic and advanced financial concepts using real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of good financial planning.

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Explore the importance of financial literacy by developing your own imaginative lemonade stand to purchase a new bike! Girls will learn concepts like interest and fees, envelope budgeting, and discretionary income. Click here to register your troop/girl.


Banzai Junior

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QQQ Discover how to save for big expenses…like college! Explore how to save money when challenges arise, and the path isn't’

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Banzai Teen

The Art of Selling Cookies

Girls will learn the importance of first impressions, conversation skills and thank you notes.

straightforward - just like life. Click here to register your troop/girl.



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