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November 2017

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From Professional Athletes to Becoming a Pro at Manual Therapy

We’re Welcoming a New Expert to Our Team

Travis Barlow’s career has taken him to some pretty interesting places. Originally from northern Idaho, he found his way to Texas, where, as he tells it, “Everything fell in line.” We’ll let Travis tell the rest of the story. A baseball scholarship originally took me to Austin, and I was pursuing an engineering degree when a shoulder injury changed my path. After surgery, I found myself amazed by the rehabilitation process. Post-op, my shoulder was actually feeling worse than it had before. By working with a physical therapist, I was able to improve it and feel like I was back to normal. I realized I had a passion for the power of rehabilitation, so I changed my studies and started working toward a career in physical therapy. I’d been interested in working with athletes, and my first job out of college was working for the Cardinals in Phoenix. I got an insider’s view of professional sports. Although I enjoyed the experience, I decided I wanted to focus on helping all athletes get better, not just professionals. I found myself heading back to Austin for a fellowship focusing on manual therapy, mostly treating orthopedic outpatients. The variety of treatment plans and people I got to work with kept the job challenging and motivating. If you ask me what the best part of our job is, it’s the amount of time we get to spend with patients. As physical therapists, we get to spend more time with patients than any

other profession in the medical field. We watch people progress and get better because we get to walk them through the process. A patient may come into physical therapy with a sling, unable to move their arm. Our job is to explain why they’re feeling pain and where the pain is coming from. We show them what they can do to get better.

That’s my other favorite part of physical therapy: It returns confidence to the patient. It can be as big as a professional athlete returning to the game or as everyday as someone grocery shopping without debilitating pain. In regard to day-to-day life and confidence, it’s all equally important. Outside of work, I spend most of my time chasing my 3- and 4-year-old daughters around. While my wife, Wendy, is finishing school, I often get to watch the girls. Since we’re all so busy, we try to make the time she has count. Usually, when she’s free, we’ll explore a kid-friendly activity, like going to the zoo, the fair, or another nearby spot. After moving around, we’re happy to settle into life in Louisiana. We’ve been enjoying how nice and genuine the people are here. I’m also grateful for everyone at Elite for making me feel welcome from day one. I’ve got a good crew here that makes it nice to come to work every day. We’re just as grateful to welcome Travis to the Elite family. As the only Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists in central Louisiana, he brings an area of expertise to our team. Whether you’re looking to get back on the field or just back to your regular routine, he is here to help. –Bart Jones Elite PT • (318) 443-3311 • 1

I’ve treated many different types of pain and injuries, but there is one story I remember in particular. Our patient was a professional bareback rider who just had a hip surgery. He thought his career was over, as did most of the people around him. By giving him a physical therapy treatment plan, we were able to get him back on track, and he returned to the sport he loved. In fact, he went on to win the World Championships.

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