West Coast Chiropractic Experts - April 2020

April 2020

Golfing Through the Generations

Celebrating the Start of the Masters and My Family’s Connection to Golf

As my career grew, the opportunity to combine the sport I love with my job presented itself. I had the honor of offering chiropractic care to a number of professional golfers (and professional tennis players, too). To even be in the same realm as professional golfers is pretty cool, and to this day, I’m proud to offer my expertise to a few private golfing clients. Of course, my personal and professional ties to golfing don’t mean I’m great at the sport. In fact, I’d say I’m pretty horrible at it! But I still love to play, and really, that’s all that counts. I’ll leave the record making and scoring under par to the real pros. I believe the Masters is the greatest sporting event of the year, and I look forward to watching the best golfers in the world take part in some pretty cool traditions. For starters, it’s an invitation- only event, and they don’t hesitate to send a reminder that they can revoke invitations at any time. (Those who follow the sport know this is something John Daly needs a reminder about!) The tournament always takes place at Augusta National Golf Club, where a champions locker room remains secret to everyone who hasn’t won a Masters Tournament. The winners are honored at the following Masters Tournament after their win, as they get to choose

As the best of the best in golf prepare to take the stage at the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia this April, I can’t help but be reminded of my family. Golfing is ingrained in my family tree. My grandpa, Earl Martin, was a professional golfer, and my mom spent her childhood working at his driving range next door to a golf course in Los Angeles. This was so long ago that they had a Model-T as the picker, retrieving all the balls golfers hit! In those days, golfers would walk through the course with their caddies, hiking their gear from hole to hole. When golf carts were invented and mass-marketed — they originated at a bike shop just down the street from Grandpa’s range — my grandpa’s driving range became a hub to rent carts for the course. That was a big thing for my grandpa and his business. When my mom and dad met, my grandpa introduced my dad to golf, and my brother, sister, and I spent many a day on the course, eating dinner at the country club that night. We never missed a chance to get on the course, and even if our parents didn’t force the sport on us, we couldn’t deny that few things compare to standing on the green, overlooking the wide expanse of hills and mountains. There’s nothing else like it. It’s a little piece of heaven.

the menu for the big dinner the day before the tournament starts. Of course, it’s also always awesome to see all the pro golfers out on the course with their kids for the Tournament Par-3. The kids play the part of caddies perfectly, wearing the traditional white jumpsuits as they follow their parents on the course. If you’ve never seen the Masters or tried golfing, I’d encourage you to give it a shot. There’s nothing I love more than spending a day on the links with my sons and their grandfather. It’s a sport we can all do together, and that makes it all worth it — regardless of how many bogeys or eagles I hit.

–Dr. Josh Satterlee 1


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