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ers a sense of meaning, or to provide purpose and direction for their lives. As human beings are asked to become more dependent on out- side sources for information and automation expands, what is not being discussed is how much this is pushing us away from our intu- ition and ability to receive messages from the Divine, our spiritual connections, and even the intuition that comes up within our bodies. However, with the expansion of technology and automation comes the freedom of creativity, as well as the ability to turn your attention to reconnecting with the wisdom of your body and expand your energy into a place of receptivity that includes channeling. Now more than ever, there is an importance to be able to intuit what is real and right for yourself in the face of artificial intelligence and a world leaning into chaos. The questions of “Who am I?” and “What am I here to accomplish?” ring louder than they ever have within the hearts of human beings at this stage of their evolution. Channeling one’s own insight and acting on that wisdom from a higher calling is


Being a channel and the concept of channeling is something that has always been a part of mankind’s history. We can trace our con - nection to receiving Divine information all the way back to the ora - cles of Delphi in ancient Greece who gave up their mundane existence and families in order to sit in temples and give Divine information to distant travelers seeking support or inspiration for their path and purpose. Channeling predates written history as well. In other parts of the world, such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China, one could find a soothsayer, or person embodied to receive messages, to make de- cisions, predictions or warnings, or to make medicines for the sick; or one who was a conduit for healing energies that could support the community. These individuals and their communities knew that the importance of bringing connection and understanding of the spirits, gods, and ancestors was intimately woven into who we were as hu-

completely possible now. Amid all the chang- es taking place on a global scale, you have an opportunity to do more than just seek out the channel or the Oracle, but also to become one yourself. You may have found yourself already con- necting to the Divine and accessing informa - tion that changed the direction of your life, your decisions, and supported those around you. Becoming your own Channel carries the benefits of tapping into your source of person - al and universal truth for healing and growth. Imagine being able to define a connection for yourself. As you connect with divinity or oth- er beings, you will see how human connection can change, and how supportive boundaries are on all planes of existence. We are in the information age, and the most valuable tool we can cultivate is critical

man beings. And these individuals had their unique place within their societies. They were not tasked or burdened with labor of other kinds because everyone had their station and way of supporting the community individual- ly. Oracles and Channels were also thought to have been chosen for such a life. What is Channeling?

Channeling is the process of allowing energy or information to connect with your spiritual and physical body in a way that is then expressed verbally, energetically, artis- tically, or through movement that can alter your vibration or those around you. This is the art of connecting with higher realms of consciousness, transcending the limitations of the physical body, and tapping into the wisdom and guidance of spiritual entities, guides, and ascended beings. It is an ancient practice that has been utilized by various cultures and traditions throughout history. Learning to channel opens up a conduit of communication between you and these higher realms, providing access to insights and perspec- tives that go beyond the limitations of ordinary human perception. We also have the ability to channel our own ego or aspects of our pain. Because of this, it is important to pursue healing and balance. Human beings have a unique ability to consciously raise and lower the fre- quency of their energy. This ability allows us to connect with other life forms and frequencies that exist across the Universe. Channeling: Necessity and Opportunity in Today’s World With the industrial age came a full-force push away from focusing on the creative and only focusing on the analytical. Fast forward to now, and there is less dependence on the hunt, on community, and on your individual agricultural contributions because you can go to the store and pick up what you need when you need it. Our dependence on our own efforts, intuition, and gaining Divine insight has the potential to decrease more and more with every generation, and as automation increases. There are also socioeconomic implications that make the opportunity to choose the direction of your life outside of hard work even more challenging. This leaves space for a sense of meaningless- ness or drifting through life. The gift of the Oracle or Channel was the ability to bestow on oth-

thinking. Developing your inner Channel or Oracle can increase your critical thinking as information flows to you and through you. You will have the ability to analyze its meaning and to accept or discern the information in front of you. As that skill develops, your body and energy will become a barometer for the truth and deceit. You will also be able to increase discernment as you navigate the ability to deeply see, feel, and know other energies and beings as reflections of your - self and others. Channeling as a Practice of Healing Once you find a rhythm and a balance with your energy and the practice of channeling, there is a place where you can engage with being healed in the process of bringing through Divine messages. Consider that during the channeling process, information is moving through the Channel. The information moving through said Channel is energy. As that energy moves through the Channel’s physical body, the higher vibrational nature of the information begins to flood the Channel’s system, along with the room and potential people that may be participating in the process. Beyond the acquisition of wisdom and guidance, channeling also serves as a potent tool for transformation. When channeling, a sa- cred space is created that allows for the release of stagnant energies, emotional wounds, and limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth.

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