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The Therapy Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE?

Measures, and Cardiopulmonary Endurance.

Is your workout due for an annual checkup??” Most of us don’t think twice about getting an annual physical or seeing the dentist, eye doctor or various other health care specialists for our yearly checkups. But, have you ever thought about an annual fitness physical? Hmm. Maybe you should! Recommendations for regular exercise, increased aerobic training, or targeted strength training are everywhere. You may have even heard it from your doctor. But these recommendations often lead to more questions than answers. What exercise is appropriate? Where do I start? How do I know if what I am doing is effective? What if I hurt myself (or I’ve been hurt before)? In response questions like these, we are introducing the Annual Fitness Physical. The Annual Fitness Physical will help you reach your optimal health and wellness and reduce your risk for a host of diseases. In order to develop a sound fitness plan, and stick with it, individuals need better baseline data, and routine follow up to track progress, modify programs, and measure success! The Annual Fitness Physical holds a wealth of benefits. The evaluation assesses seven specific areas: Current Health Profile and BMI; Posture and Alignment; Upper and Lower Body Strength; Flexibility; Core Control; Functional Fitness

We will also take into account your medical, injury, and exercise history. Once you have completed your Fitness Physical, we will provide you with a Summary of Findings and Personalized Exercise Prescription that specifically meets your health needs and desired goals. One of our therapists will review the findings and recommendations with you in detail; teach you specific exercises to get you started; and establish a training program and timeline that best meets your physical needs, your social circumstances, and your preferred learning/ feedback style. Our mission is to help you maximize your health potential by providing you with clear, credible data and specific training guidelines to optimize your opportunities for success. The Annual Fitness Physical is not based on anecdotes or exercise fads. The information you will receive comes from population norms and evidencebased best practices for preventive action. No matter where you are on the continuum, you can take control over your fitness with the help of your physical therapist. If exercise is medicine, what is YOUR prescription? Find out now! Call us for your Annual Fitness Physical today.

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