C+S September 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 9

Environmental + Sustainability

Throughout its long and storied history , New York City has consistently played the role of trendsetter for American culture. Its location on the Atlantic Coast made for a diverse, ever-changing city where new and old ideas melded together to reverberate trending shockwaves throughout the fabric of American society. While its geographical location has been a boon to the city since its founding, the coming effects of climate change are directly poised to severely impact it. In keeping the spirit of innovation that has long beheld New York City, it has responded to the looming threat of climate change by positioning itself as a leading center for the research, development, and implementation of climate solutions. As the city continues to adapt to climate change, it has become clear that, rather than relying on traditional solutions, new approaches must be developed. One New York City firm demonstrating a new approach is Indigo River. Trendsetting: New York City and Indigo River By Luke Carothers

Indigo River has demonstrated the ability to use a “multi-pronged approach” when developing flood mitigation and climate adaptation recommendations. Taking a holistic approach to these concepts, Indigo River works with local stakeholders to identify the most appropriate solutions for each community. The result is plans that are both resilient and sustainable. The team has demonstrated this approach on projects like Wildflower Studios, where they worked with the client and design consultants to develop a comprehensive Flood Resiliency Strategy that included both permanent and temporary flood mitigation solutions. According to Dena Prastos, Indigo River’s founder, the plan for the Wildflower Studios project featured the construction of wet and dry floodproof spaces, as well as the creation of Flood Emergency Action and Response plans for the Operations team. Another example of this



September 2023

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