The Pilates Center Class Descriptions


Clinics and Drop-In Sessions are listed on the Fitness webpage under Program and Events or on the Fitness Center Calendar. For a list of clinic rates and the drop in session fee visit the Fitness General Information Page. Level 1 Beginner Springboard Pilates – 50 minutes Pilates Springboard is a 6-foot-high, wall-mounted platform with easy-to-adjust arm & leg springs. This is a fun and challenging piece of equipment that will give you the ultimate full body workout. You will use individual springs to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, help restore spine mobility and work on that great posture you’ve always wanted. *NO experience needed Level 2 Intermediate/Advanced Springboard Pilates – 50 minutes This is a faster-paced class that explores Intermediate/Advanced material in expanded combinations of the Pilates vocabulary. This is a full body workout integrating strength, balance, and coordination. *Pilates apparatus experience needed Spring Board Circuit – 50 minutes The Spring Circuit session utilizes multiple pieces of equipment such as the Springboard, Wunda Chair, Laddar Barrel, Spine Corrector, and other equipment to boost your cardiovascular endurance and challenge your overall strength. *Some Pilates apparatus experience needed Level 1 Beginner Reformer Pilates – 50 minutes Whether you are new to Pilates, a beginner student or just getting back into a fitness routine, this Pilates Reformer clinic is perfect for you. You will learn fundamental Pilates technique utilizing the Reformer, a spring and pulley based machine, to help you gain total body strength and flexibility all while learning to engage your core. You will improve your posture and will stand taller after each class! *NO experience needed Level 2 Intermediate/Advanced Reformer Pilates – 50 minutes This is a faster paced total body workout that will make you feel stronger, longer and leaner after each class! We will focus on coordinating multiple Pilates exercises together, in addition to utilizing small props, in order to create a more challenging, yet fluid workout. *Pilates Reformer experience needed Mixed Level Springboard Pilates – 50 minutes This Springboard workout is a mixed level class that emphasizes strength conditioning, stretching and endurance. One of the great benefits of the Pilates Springboard is the ability to change the tension to suit each client and each exercise; therefore, making it perfect for beginners to advanced students. This class offers modifications to challenge all participants. Cardio Pilates – 50 minutes Ready to ramp up your Pilates workout while having FUN? If you are looking for a more challenging and upbeat workout, this is for you! Using the Pilates Reformer and Jumpboard, this workout will get your muscles burning and your heart pumping through this new style of interval training. Grab your friends and let’s get jumping. *Pilates Reformer experience needed, but no Jumpboard experience required Yoga for Men (Beginners) – 55 minutes It’s okay if you can’t touch your toes in this beginner clinic! With a specific focus on postures that target hip, hamstring, chest and shoulder tightness, this clinic is designed with the male yoga student in mind.

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