NCUK Virtual Patient Handbook

Scott (2021) Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Cancer Care: A Review of The Latest Advancements. EMJ approach-in-cancer-care-a-review-of-the-latest-advancements-s130921/#:~:text=As%20well%20as%20diag A Neuroendocrine Cancer MDT is made up of a core group of (disea • surgery • radiology • histopathology • oncology • nuclear medicine • endocrinology So WHO are the right people? A disease-specific MDT (multidisciplinary team) approach is consider is because the management of cancer can differ, can be complex an expertise in your particular type of cancer. As well as diagnosing and treating cancer, MDTs can provide psycho preferences and circumstances. Referral to an MDT is particularly helpful in complex cas pathways / when there are significant changes to the pa considered

• clinical nurse specialists • allied health professionals and a multidisciplinary team coordinator

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