NCUK Virtual Patient Handbook

If you are struggling with worrying about your health, and the possibilit sleeping, feeling irritable, easily distracted, it can help to talk to whoev may be causing them. It may also help to sort through any health conc • Have you had a symptom like this before? • If you have, what caused it? and what helped to make it better? • Is it something you’ve been told to report or be alert for? • Could there be other reasons, apart from your neuroendocrine canc It’s not silly and it’s certainly not a waste of anyone’s time to ask quest mention something to your medical team or specialist nurse, that may a potential problem. Managing Symptoms As discussed in Section 02 , the symptoms of neuroendocrine cancer / its treatments are many, and can have various causes.

Treatments, including Somatostatin Analogues (SSAs) Octreotide & Lanreotide, are discussed in Section 06.

Role of Diet & Nutrition There is no single specific diet, that is recommended for those with neuroendocrine cancer, however some adjustments, depending on the symptom experience, may help in self-care. However, we would recommended a formal assessment and discussion with your specialist team / dietitian, before making any adjustments / taking dietary supplements, including over- the-counter vitamins.

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