Campus Commons PT - September 2019



The weather may not change as drastically from summer to fall as it does in some other places, but plenty of things show the seasons are changing. The heat of July and August give way to cooler evenings in September, the kids are back in school and busy with homework on the weeknights, and the sounds of the latest football game fill the house on Friday and Sunday nights. My second daughter, Kaylee, begins her first year of high school this year. She’s going to a different school than her older sister, one with a program that prepares students for careers in the sports industry. She’s really interested in sports medicine, so I think the school will be a good fit for her. At the same time, our oldest daughter, Emily, got her driver’s license not too long ago, so this school year she’ll drive herself to school for the first time. Even though she’s a cautious driver and she’ll only drive to school and her friends’ houses, it’s still a new (nerve- wracking) stage in her life and ours. With the start of the school year comes another year of coaching football. Even though I might not coach at my kids’ school, they’ve been out on the sidelines at my games with Tiffany since they were in baby carriers. Now my son Ryan is old enough to act as the team’s ball boy during some of the games. He’ll also play flag

football again this year. I’m looking forward to the big after-game gatherings with the other coaches and their families. Usually one of the coaches hosts at their home, and we enjoy a lot of laughter and good conversation. It’s a great way to decompress after all the energy and adrenaline from coaching. “THIS MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS BREAK WILL BE A GRIND, BUT JUST BECAUSE IT’S A BUSY TIME OF YEAR DOESN’T MEAN IT’S A BAD TIME OF YEAR.” During the increased busyness of the season, any small break between Labor Day and Christmas is a welcome respite. But perhaps our family’s most common form of rest is on Sunday evenings when the 49ers are playing. My wife and I have been fans our whole lives. If Garoppolo comes back healthy, they’ve got a chance at a good season this year. School, coaching, and the NFL all starting back at the same time means we’re changing gears. It’s a transition from the dog days of summer to one of the busiest times of the year, and I didn’t even touch on the kids’ fall sports or

anything happening at Campus Commons PT. This month until Christmas break will be a grind, but just because it’s a busy time of year doesn’t mean it’s a bad time of year. We’re all excited to get back to that routine, so long as we have breaks on some of those Sunday evenings to watch the 49ers (hopefully) win some games.

–Mark Eddy

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