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MAKE IT YOUR OWN An Anti-Aging Strategy Unique to You

One of the most important realities we acknowledge at our spa is that we are all different. We might look the same — you might have the same hair color, eye color, or skin tone as someone else — but genetically, we are different. Some people produce a lot of collagen. Others start losing collagen and show signs of aging when they’re younger.

is going to be more damaged. We’ll ask personal questions because it’s our opportunity to find the best treatment. You might come in for Botox, but after the evaluation, decide fillers are the best option for treating your condition. Our evaluation is in-depth. We look at lab exams, and for anyone in their late 40s–50s, we give a hormonal evaluation. Women start losing hormones as early as their late 20s and early 30s, and during and after menopause, they lose even more. How can it be good to lose 60–80 percent of your hormones? On top of that, the average weight gain in the three years after menopause is 30 pounds. We’re often asked about weight loss. You’ve exercised and eaten well to lose weight, which is incredible. If you lose weight progressively, work out, and take care of your skin, then your skin will reflect that. But if you do a crash diet where you lose 40 pounds very quickly, your skin will show that rapid change. There are diets that can do that, but they’re not for everyone. So many factors come into play when we’re making a plan for you, and that’s why we take a combined approach. If you do Thermage, but then don’t apply sunscreen or continue smoking, the changes won’t be as effective. The key is early treatment, because we try to prevent these issues. Early treatment is more effective treatment. We want you to look good and feel good, too. If you want to learn more, we’ve added a Facebook Live video of my assistant, Obed Alvarez, and me talking about the BeautiLift treatment. We answer common questions people have about the treatment, and you might find it helpful if you are considering BeautiLift or another lifting service. We also have some details inside the newsletter about our BeautiRewards program. If you’ve been telling friends and family about Beautique, you do not want to miss out on these gift cards!

“We apply all the knowledge and tools available to make the best plan for you, using a personalized approach to get the best results.’’

If you’ve been through one of our evaluations, you probably know how thorough they are. They’re not just a set of yes or no questions. We do lab tests and ask you questions about your current and past lifestyle. We apply all the knowledge and tools available to make the best plan for you, using a personalized approach to get the best results. Last month, we shared with you the huge change in thread technology that has made our BeautiLift treatment so effective in lifting lines. But the full effects of any procedure often require more than one treatment. While a thread lift might be the perfect fit for one person, Thermage skin therapy might be just right for another. Often, we recommend combined treatments to get the best results. Your daily choices also impact how effective a treatment will be.

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Age isn’t the only factor, either. Smoking affects your skin, and if you’ve spent every day at the beach or lived by the pool all your life, your skin | 956-664-1234

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