Konki Digital - November 2019

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N O V E M B E R k o n k i d i g i t a l . c o m WHAT I’M GRATEFUL FOR

Lessons in Gratitude

One of the first things my husband and I bonded over was Honey Baked Ham. Before we met in college, both of us had worked at the food retailer and had become experts on their signature product. So, naturally, ham tends to be a bigger star than the turkey on our Thanksgiving table every year, alongside the broccoli casserole, of course. But this time of year is about more than just these delicious dishes; it’s about the people with whom we share them. I’m always grateful for my amazing family, but Thanksgiving is a great time to bring those feelings to the foreground. I have a loving, supportive husband and an incredible daughter, Alex, who inspires me every single day. You see, she suffered a stroke at birth, an incident that led doctors to tell us she would have a very limited life — if she survived at all. She sure showed them. thrown her way. Now a teenager, my kiddo drives herself to school and has become a competitive horse shower! I don’t need a holiday to remind me to be grateful for her, her courage, and her strength. Alex just doesn’t quit. I’m blessed to have such a driven, upbeat soul in my life. It’s an amazing feeling when, as a parent, you get to look up to the example of your child. I could not be more proud of her. Of course, gratitude isn’t limited to those sitting around our Thanksgiving table. This year in particular I have many people to be thankful for, especially the Konki Digital team. The merger that led to our inception certainly had its challenges, but the way we all pitched Not only did Alex survive, but she’s thrived — overcoming every obstacle life has

in together to build this company was incredible. It took a lot of integrity, creativity, and honesty to get where we are today. In fact, something that helped us during the first few months into the merger was setting aside time for a “gratitude moment.” We take the time to write handwritten notes to the people we work with and let them know how much they are appreciated. This monthly practice, which started as an external gesture we did for clients, quickly became a part of Konki’s culture.

The holidays are a perfect time to start this tradition, making it easy to carry into the new year. We even have a guide to help you make this work for your clients inside this newsletter! You’d be amazed at how two simple words can brighten someone’s day.

Thank you,


So, I’d encourage you to try this gratitude moment yourself — at home or at the office.

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