IRS Trouble Solvers - April 2022

Millions of Americans waited months to get their economic impact payments, and delays are extremely likely for citizens to receive their 2021 tax returns. Employee shortages and the pandemic are likely to blame. However, a contributing problem lies in the age-old computer systems the IRS relies upon. The IRS’ Individual Master File holds decades of data belonging to approximately 1 billion taxpayers and is also responsible for dispersing federal tax refunds. It’s pretty much an antique with a design that dates all the way back to the 1960s. The IRS’ equipment is old enough to be a grandparent! Each year, the IRS collects roughly $3.5 trillion in taxes. It’s preposterous to rely upon such old technology to do this job! It’s reported that for the past 40 years, the IRS has attempted repeatedly to upgrade its system without any success. Plans have failed, been canceled, or never even launched. Budget cuts and staffing restrictions have thwarted the plans in the past, but the IRS is still determined to make necessary updates. What’s the S CORP, C CO THE IRS’ ANTIQUATED COMPUTER SY

Earth Day is a great opportunity to give your customers what they want: proof that your brand genuinely and authentically cares about your local economy and the planet. Many companies promise to “go green,” but these days, a simple recycling program just won’t cut it. To win over eco-friendly prospects, you must continually prove that your business doesn’t take a day on this planet for granted! Here are three ways to do just that. 1. Bring your whole team onboard. To become a “green-thinking” business, you should start from within. It’s not authentic to promote recycling or planting trees if your employees don’t believe in it, too. Start by launching an internal incentive program with a different challenge each month (like recycling at home or driving less to reduce emissions), then reward the employees who recycle the most or carpool, bike, and walk to work. To really go the distance, consider volunteering at a cleanup or local conservation event together. This creates meaningful change and builds strong employee relationships. 2. Create a green task force. Could you be doing more to protect the environment? The answer is probably yes, and you can start by developing a task force of employees dedicated to examining your business’s processes and products. They can determine how to improve your systems to make them more sustainable and bring local experts to help! Here’s an idea to get your group started: Food waste has a tremendous impact on the environment. Approximately 38% of land on Earth is used to produce food, but about 32% of all food that is produced is wasted, according to Recycle Coach. That wasted food emits carbon dioxide in the landfill, but you can fight food waste in your employee kitchen by donating uneaten food to local pantries, creating a community garden, and investing in a compost system. 3. Take your efforts community-wide. In today’s business world, going green looks good! According to First Insight, 73% of Gen Z customers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and other research has shown they and millennials want to work at/with green companies. You can leverage your new eco-image by engaging your local community, hosting events, and offering incentive programs. Consider hosting a community Earth Day event like a 5K to raise funds for a local conservation group or planning an environmental lecture, trash cleanup, or sustainable farm-to-table dinner. To ensure this benefits your company as well as the planet, partner with other businesses, offer prizes that include your products and services, and/or make an offer to customers who attend the event to boost your retention. Beyond events, you could offer special promotions for customers who choose eco-friendly options like going paperless. Once you have developed strong internal and external practices, don’t be shy about the work you’re doing. Promote it on social media, in your newsletter, and in conversations with your clients. Be proud of the work you do to protect our planet — you just might create a strong movement behind you. Go Green AND Get Noticed 3 WAYS YOUR COMPANY CAN STAND OUT IN ‘GREEN NOISE’

The IRS is currently working with Congress to modernize the computer system within the next few years. For now, we must sit tight, continue to file as soon as possible, and practice patience with an ancient, slow, and understaffed agency.

One-Pan Chicken Tacos

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This recipe from TikTok user @violet.cooks almost broke the internet — and you’ll see why! The fried tortillas make it out-of-this-world delicious.


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