Golden Tax Relief - December 2018

Is Love at First Sight Real?

The idea of love at first sight is wonderfully romantic. Two strangers see each other across a crowded room. There's an instant, magnetic attraction, and suddenly they've found their match for all of eternity. In a world in which dating often requires a lot of work — work that comes with disappointment, rejection, and uncertainty — falling in love at first sight has strong appeal. But can it actually happen? Can your eyes tell you anything about love? The connection between the eyes and love has been described in poetry and prose since time immemorial — it’s the stuff of heroic epics and fanciful fairy tales. And evidence has increasingly shown that the human brain is hard-wired to both display and notice visual cues when gazing at a potential love interest. Enlarged pupils are one such cue. When you survey a person or object you are interested in, your brain releases a surge of dopamine — a

to a person with sizable pupils because it could indicate a partner’s attraction to them. Likewise, researchers have reported that men seek out women with dilated pupils due to the association of larger pupils with youth and longevity. The connection between the eyes and enthrallment has inspired some of Shakespeare’s most iconic sonnets, and the science behind our eyes validates some of the Bard’s romantic claims. But does this connection between larger pupils and attraction corroborate the idea of love at first sight? If you believe that attraction equates to true love, then absolutely. But if your definition of love requires a little more depth, then you may have to toss aside the idea of love at first sight and instead view your partner’s eyes as mere “windows” to their soul.

chemical that controls the brain's reward and pleasure centers — which causes your pupils to dilate. In this sense, beauty really is “in the eye of the beholder.” In the last decade, researchers have determined that from a romantic and reproductive standpoint, both men and women are attracted to partners with bigger pupils. Studies demonstrate that when women are at their peak fertility, they might subconsciously be more attracted

Payroll Problems?

All businesses with employees are required by federal law to hold back a portion of their employees' pay for use in individual federal income taxes. Additional amounts are withheld for Social

The penalties range in both amounts and types. The most frequent penalties are failure to file tax forms, failure to pay taxes on time, and failure to deposit the taxes correctly. These penalties can be as high as 62 percent. This

Security, unemployment insurance, and Medicare. Companies are required to hand this money over to the IRS and state government agencies. When this money is not handed over to the IRS, or if it is only partially handed over, it is considered to be unlawful retention. This unlawful retention is the basis for the payroll penalty. In addition to the penalty, the company may also be liable for paying interest on the unlawfully retained amounts.

means that if you have $1,000 in payroll taxes you must submit, but do not do everything properly, then you may have to pay $1,620. We encourage all companies to take payroll and payroll taxes very seriously. If you are not experienced with payroll, you should get a separate company to prepare all forms and remit all taxes for you. You should also always double- check your in-house bookkeeper. If you do payroll in-house, you should

If the IRS can prove that an employer willfully failed to file payroll withholding taxes, then responsible parties in the business can be legally prosecuted. Responsible parties may include the bookkeeper, accountant, or executives in charge. The IRS is not limited to assessing blame to a single individual in a company. They can assess the penalty and prosecute as many people as can be proven to be responsible.

always make sure that the taxes are being taken out of your bank account. These days, the IRS wants you to send the payments to them via electronic debit.

If your company has payroll penalties and would like to see if they can be removed, please feel free to give us a call.

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