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Year 13 PCM - 4-6.30pm 27 March End of Spring term - 28 March Easter Holidays - 29 March-12 April Back to School - 15 April

On Wednesday we celebrated the International Day of Mathematics with lots of fun competitions for our students in Years 7 and 8. This is also known as Pi Day and falls on the 14 March, in honour of the mathematical constant that can be rounded to 3.14. It was wonderful to hear such excitement for Maths and to see students enjoying number games.

HOLIDAYS & NATIONAL DAYS Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - March Ramadan - 10 March - 8 April International Day of Happiness - 20 March Earth Hour Day - 23 March

Our Sixth Form EPQ students gave their final presentations this week. The EPQ is an optional enrichment offered in the sixth form which allows students to explore an area of academic interest personal to them. The presentations are the culmination of months of research. Staff were incredibly impressed, not only by the depth of the students’ understanding of their chosen topics but also their confident delivery. This year’s project themes included Donut Economics, The Impact of Mental Health on the Economy and The Impact of the Media on the Judicial System. Our Year 11 students have been involved in their final mock exams this week before the public exam season begins in May. We have all been impressed by their focus and preparation. I am sure that whilst this week may have been hard for students, it will stand them in good stead and help them plan their final weeks of revision. Congratulations to our Year 13 Drama students who had their performance exam on Wednesday. This was their devised piece and was a chance to demonstrate the range of dramatic skills they have developed throughout the course.

Good Friday - 29 March Easter Sunday - 31 March

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As Year 13 starts to get some feedback from their recent mock exams and Year 11 sit their core mock exams, it seems a good time to remind you about some upcoming events for parents around this topic. Kooth are running some free online workshops for parents in April, specifically to help parents and carers support children sitting exams, especially if they are worried about their child’s anxiety: You can book the workshops through the following links: You can also still book onto the upcoming Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation workshop, following on from last week’s Substance Advice for Everyone (SAFE) Day. You can register for the webinar, which is on 21 March at 7pm through this link. Mon 22 Apr. 1-2pm Thu 25 Apr. 6-7pm

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We have had a very busy week again in Year 8. It has been lovely to see so many students involving themselves in the different opportunities at the school. To begin I must acknowledge the valiant effort of our Year 8 netball team last week. I know that the teachers involved were very proud of their efforts as they narrowly lost 10-11 against SRR. Last Thursday I was able to venture down to the food tech rooms to partake in the tasting of some macaroni and cheese the students had been making. I was very impressed by the students’ diligence with measurements and their saint-like patience. Marwah from 8FAD created an amazing crust and I must mention Bianca, Holly, Anna and Penelope as well for creating a very tasty example of a classic ‘mac and cheese’. I was also able to see students partaking in textiles and other product design classes. Last week the Y11s were able to put on an exhibition for the course work they have been creating; I’m sure many of the Year 8s were inspired and motivated by the amazing work that was displayed in the classes. For the Year 8s it’s great for them to see what they could achieve if they choose to pursue the subjects as an option. On Tuesday Mr Bannister delivered an assembly about International Women’s Day. The presentation revolved around the idea of celebrating achievements by women and recognising the issues that still exist. Students were encouraged to think about how they might embody this year’s theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Last Friday students were challenged to think how they might inspire inclusion day-to-day. This week all students took part in Pi Day. It was a fantastic event that involved a number of different tasks and activities. The energy and effort by the students was great, I know a number of the groups were very competitive, as they tried to earn points for their respective houses. Thank you to the wonderful Maths Team for organising such a fun event. Just a final reminder that students should be bringing in a silent reading book every week. The students are aware of this, and thank you to all the vast majority that are remembering to do so.







Year 7 Netball V’s SRR

LOST, 15-2


Year 8 Netball V’s SRR

LOST, 11-10


Year 7 Netball Tournament at LEH



A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” is a fast-paced and captivating mystery novel which follows the life of a young girl Pippa who grew up in a small town which has become tainted with a murder. Despite the case being closed, she chooses to study the case as her topic for her final year project and begins to unveil secrets that wish to stay deeply hidden. I loved watching the story unfold and leftover fragments of a murder case left open click together through the compelling and relatable character of Pippa. I would really recommend it for anyone looking for a gripping and challenging read, which explores second guessing the truth and looking deeper than the surface. ~ Recommended by Marina, Year 11 Student


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