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Do You Know Where Your Fire Extinguisher Is?

DID YOU KNOW ... Two New Sailings: It’s hard to stump me on a new Viking itinerary, but Nancy Kantner sure did when she called to say she wanted to book London, Paris, and D-Day for 2025. While that has been super-popular for the 80th anniversary in 2024, it wasn’t until she called that I found out it is being extended to 2025 sailings as well. Good job, Nancy! India & Europe Grand Passage Barcelona to Mumbai January 2025 35 days, 12 countries, 5 overnights, 20 included tours This new sailing is a combination of three itineraries: Iconic Western Mediterranean, Journey to Antiquities, and Passage to India.

I can get by pretty well in the kitchen, but mastering — or, let’s be honest, even being competent on — the grill is another story.

Doug and I worked hard that Saturday, and we were both looking forward to a wonderful meal. After firing up the grill

and placing the steaks on it, I went inside to finalize some loose ends, setting the timer to check on them. A few minutes later, I went out only to find the grill was barely warm. Wouldn’t you know the propane tank had run out of fuel?! We had a spare, so Doug attached that, then went to take a shower. About five minutes later, I went out to check on the steaks, and smoke was everywhere! That’s not all that surprising when I grill, but to my horror, flames were coming out of the propane tank connection, too! While I’m usually pretty rational in a crisis, I had all kinds of thoughts running through my mind. Aside from calling for Doug, I temporarily froze, not knowing

On the other side, my brothers have both the interest and the equipment down

to a science with special grills and smoker combos, Bluetooth temperature controls, and electronic thermometers. I could only wish to make my outdoor cooking taste as good as theirs.

So, not long ago, I purchased some

premium steaks from a place where they are kind to the cows, feeding them lots of grass and a special supplemental diet, giving them lots of outdoor space, and providing everything a happy cow could want. It’s supposed to make the meat taste exceptionally great.

Requiring only a small loan to try them out (just kidding), I had high expectations. What better treatment for a great steak than to grill it to perfection?

what to do. I told myself, “Call the fire department!” but my hands were shaking CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 ...

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Great Vacations Matter Because Great Memories Matter Most


I always recommend travel insurance for those unexpected emergencies. Recently Doug and I hiked a mountain in Greenland. We were carefully descending it, holding onto the guide rope, when the rope broke and Doug fell. Miraculously, he hit a mossy mud patch which cushioned his fall, as most of the mountain was bare rock. (No trees in Greenland!) Had he cracked his head or broken a leg, it would have been difficult to get him off the mountain, likely requiring a helicopter lift. Glad we had travel insurance, but really glad we didn’t need it!

Melissa Brummel will be joining our Imagine Going There team specializing in client relations and assisting me with Viking presentations. Having worked for a nonprofit in donor relations for many years, Melissa loves helping people, and people love her as well! Her hobbies include

traveling, culinary arts, decorating, and loving on her 24 grandchildren along with her husband of 41 years. Feel free to reach out to me or Melissa for any highlights or concerns you would love to share with us and Viking.

We’re so glad to have Melissa on the team!

How Pirate King Henry Every Vanished THE GREATEST HEIST IN HISTORY

The history of pirates is rich with countless stories of lawless thieves and fearless captains. Yet the accounts of what exactly happened to the “King of Pirates” after he led the largest pirate heist in history are still muddled.

Renaming the ship the Fancy, Every and his team sailed the coastline of Africa to steal riches. However, their final heist against a Mughal Empire fleet returning to India led to the treasure of a lifetime. After accruing more and more crewmates, Every and his gang overtook

Henry Every isn’t a household name compared to other famous pirates. However, what makes Every exceptional is that, unlike his counterparts, he was never captured. The first reports of Every were of his service in the British Navy before boarding the warship Charles II as a first mate

the various ships and all the gold and jewels they carried. The loot is estimated to be tens of millions of modern-day dollars. Every and his crew dispersed with their share and were never to be seen again. Some pirates were believed

to battle French ships for their freight. However, after the captain delayed the mission and payment was stalled, Every conspired with the angry crew to mutiny.

to have found refuge in the U.S., but Every was never

located despite Britain’s fierce manhunt. His title as the King of Pirates was rightfully earned.

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“No, we don’t control who our parents are. We don’t control what color we are. We don’t control what home we are born into. But we control our attitude. We control our work ethic. We control our drive and our commitment.” —DABO SWINNEY


so bad I couldn’t even dial 911. Simultaneously I was thinking “You can’t use water — or is that for electrical fires? What about baking soda?” I thought that was safe, so I grabbed a box

and threw it on the flames. Of course, if you can’t turn off the source of the problem (the propane), it did little good, and the flames came roaring back. The grill is close to the house, and if you can believe it, my first thought was not “My house is going to burn to the ground!” but “Oh no — I bet we can’t go on vacation next week!” Doug came down just in time and asked if I got the fire extinguisher. Oh yeah … forgot we had not one, not two, but three of them — and one was in the kitchen in the back of the cabinet, closer than the box of baking soda. Thankfully, my hero husband extinguished the flames and we were safe. Apparently, there was a defect at the connection point. Lowe’s is replacing the tank and sending that one to the propane tank graveyard. The steaks, unfortunately, didn’t like getting quite that seared and looked like hockey pucks. I salvaged what I could, but what was edible was more like an appetizer than dinner. However, we had a lot to be thankful for, as it could have been so much worse! Moral of the story … not knowing how you’ll respond in a crisis, it’s a good idea to review where you keep your fire extinguishers before turning on the grill. But there is a silver lining: I bought more of those steaks and decided to find an alternative to grilling. Those of you who are grill masters will likely not approve, but see the simple recipe on the right for perfectly seared, perfectly done steaks.

Perfectly Sizzling Steaks

Ingredients • 2 New York strip steaks, at least 1-inch thick

• Montreal Steak Seasoning

• Garlic salt

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 500 F (a very hot oven produces a juicy interior). Place a 10-inch ovenproof or cast-iron skillet in the oven as it preheats. When oven reaches 500 F, use a baking mitt to remove the pan from oven. 2. Place the pan on the stovetop and turn the heat to high. 3. Immediately place your steaks of choice into the middle of the hot, dry pan and season to taste. Cook 1 to 2 minutes without moving; turn steaks with tongs, and cook another 1 to 2 minutes. 4. Transfer the pan with the seared steaks to the hot oven. Roast in the center of the oven until the steaks are cooked to your preference, about 3 to 5 minutes. 5. Transfer the cooked steaks to a warm platter and tent loosely with aluminum foil. 6. Before slicing or serving, let the meat sit for 5 to 10 minutes, as it will continue to cook (the temperature will rise 5 to 10 degrees after being removed from the oven) and the juices will redistribute throughout the meat.

They were absolutely delicious, and didn’t even require a fire extinguisher to get them to the table! —Carol Shaddix

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Great Vacations Matter Because Great Memories Matter Most

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Everything you love about Viking, only better! A great destination is just one part of an amazing vacation. Just like having a master chef prepare your meal at your favorite restaurant, as one of Viking’s largest representatives, we’ve booked these vacations countless times. We intuitively know how to enhance the outcome of your experience so it consistently delivers above and beyond your expectations (and know when those special promotions such as extra shipboard credit or free airfare are available that you might not know about). Whether you are interested in an individual reservation or want to travel together as a group, call 770.421.9627 for your free consultation on how to make your next vacation even better than you expected!


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Joey and Barbara are two of our most seasoned and fun Viking travelers, and to prove it, we have a lot of guests that like to travel with them! Thus far, they’ve traveled on three river Viking cruises and three ocean Viking cruises. A few years back, Joey and Barbara packed their suitcases and traveled to Paris, preparing to embark on an amazing eight-day adventure on Paris & the Heart of Normandy . Unfortunately, Barbara fell in the airport, severely injured her shoulder, and was flown home for shoulder replacement surgery.

veteran, was chosen by the crew’s director to lay the wreath at the Wreath Laying Ceremony in Normandy. “When I was asked, I immediately turned into a bowl of Jell-O,” Joey said. “It was such an emotional experience.” Joey even offered to share that honor with another veteran, Carl, who he met along the journey.

It’d be tough if Joey and Barbara had to choose between river and ocean cruises. They lean toward the river cruises because

the ships are smaller, and the trip is more laid back and restful, which Barbara finds to be more her pace as she battles with health issues. “We especially love Viking cruises because of the amazing people we meet along the way,” they said. “It’s impossible not to find other fun people to tour and explore with!” The next Viking cruise on their list is Portugal’s River of Gold , and they are open for more fun people to join them!

Just a few months ago, the two flew to Paris again and successfully took their Paris & the Heart of Normandy trip! “Viking was extremely understanding and accommodating throughout our cancellations and rebooking,” they said.”This is why we highly recommend always getting travel insurance!” This trip was extremely special not only because of the gorgeous views, culture, and destinations but also because Joey, a

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New Explora Journeys Offers a Ship Full of Surprises

I recently returned from the maiden voyage of Explora Journeys and was very impressed. You know it would take something substantial to lure me to expand beyond our Viking specialty, but having personally experienced this new cruise line, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it! The ship is stunning with 461 sophisticated ocean- front suites. With nine amazing restaurants, the food is absolutely incredible. Wellness is also a key focus, so there are lots of included fitness options onboard (including a pickleball court) and an amazing spa. They also have very interesting guest speakers called Luminaries who speak on a wide variety of topics to create a culture that values education and shared experiences.

SPECIALS • Early booking bonus — up to 10% off 2023 journeys; 5% off 2024 journeys • Bonus Journey Experience Credits based on your loyalty status and tier. (Book by Oct. 1, 2023, for DOUBLE Journey Experience Credits) • Single travelers pay just 15% single supplement on select cruises. • Multigenerational options: • Connecting staterooms • Staterooms with reduced rates for third and fourth guests • Nautilus Club for younger travelers • Exclusive Air Bonus (Book by Oct. 1, 2023) Plus, book any Explora Journeys cruise for 2023 and be automatically entered into a drawing for an additional $500 shipboard credit! Use this QR code to watch videos from my recent cruise interviewing key personnel explaining what

Lots to share, but here are some highlights:

• All staterooms are suites (lead-in category is 377 square feet). • Enjoy nine distinct culinary experiences and in-suite dining. • Receive a welcome bottle of champagne upon arrival. • Unlimited beverages, fine wines, premium spirits, coffees, teas, and soft drinks are available anytime, including an in-suite mini-bar. • Well-being and fitness programs onboard. • Enjoy an amazing thermal spa. • Gratuities are included.

makes Explora Journeys unique. Then, call me at 770.421.9627 for a quote or more information. —Carol Shaddix

CHECKLIST FOR GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR VACATION Has the advisor personally traveled with the cruise line you’re considering? Anyone can do research on the internet, but there’s no substitute for personal experience and the connections made while meeting with the management team onboard. Do they know about unadvertised deals? An agency that books a high volume of clients each month will have access to specials not available to the public. What else do they do beside take your deposit and final payment? We have an 18-point system to make sure every detail is taken care of and each guest feels special. What is their specialty, and how long have they been doing it? You want someone who is a seasoned veteran in a particular area and will follow up with you personally about your vacation. Do they have access to bonus amenities that can enhance your trip? We love providing those extra surprises! Do they really care about each aspect of your vacation? Our team spends hours on the phone helping our guests get the best flights, personally answering questions, and adding extra touches to make your vacation experience truly exceptional in every way. Do they charge a fee? There’s no charge for our services — we are paid to help you, and we give a lot of extra value for our guests as well. We know if you love your vacation like we expect you will, you’ll want to travel with us again and again. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trusting the team at Imagine Going There Travel with your vacation! 770.421.9627 If you’ve recently booked your cruise, contact us and we may be able to add extra bonuses to your reservation!

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