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Catching Waves and Wind in the Outer Banks

“I’ve always loved to learn new things and challenge myself, and learning to kiteboard was by no means an overnight experience.”

One of my favorite places in North Carolina is the Outer Banks. Honestly, the Outer Banks may be one of my favorite places in the world. There’s nowhere else like it. It’s stunning, and if you’re into kiteboarding like I am, the Outer Banks happens to be arguably the best place to kiteboard in the world. I got into kiteboarding while on a surfing trip. The Outer Banks offers some great waves, and every year I take the time to head out there and surf. A few years ago, I was on an epic surf trip with some friends, and we camped out on the Outer Banks. Next to us, there was another guy camping. I could see his board and all his gear, including this massive kite. We got to talking, and he told me about how he’d come hundreds and hundreds of miles just to camp out on the Outer Banks. He was waiting for the wind to be just right so he could get out there on the water. I figured if this guy had come from almost a thousand miles away and spent weeks camped out on the beach waiting for the right conditions for his kite, then this sport must be pretty good. I’ve always loved to learn new things and challenge myself, and learning to kiteboard was by no means an overnight experience. With the wind as your engine, kiteboarding is easily one of the most technical sports I’ve ever done. The wind can be really powerful, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can crash hard. It can take years just to get the hang of the sport, which is why I hired a professional instructor.

you need to hit the water, from great gear to the best instructors. Once a year, I head out to the Outer Banks and invest in a private lesson. This way, I have an expert showing me the ropes and telling

me exactly what I need to do to improve. Last time I went out, the instructor was able to get me up and riding without a problem. It’s an amazing feeling to have the wind pull you across the water at up to 40 miles per hour! This sport can take months to learn, but with an instructor’s help, I was able to put all the pieces together in about three hours. The methodology at REAL Watersports is similar to how I run my studio. With high-quality one-on-one coaching, we’re able to train our clients to move better, adjust their nutrition, and be successful in their fitness goals. Big group lessons aren’t able to address the skills of an individual. One-size-fits-all fitness can lead to injury, and even the positive results aren’t nearly as impressive as when you have someone there who is focused only on you and your progress.

I’m not a kiteboarding expert yet, but I’m further along than I would have been had I tried to go at it alone or taken

the cheap path in a group course. When you’re doing something you care about and have a goal you want to achieve, it’s worth the investment to make it happen. - Bryan Wisdom

REAL Watersports is a kiteboarding and surfing shop right on the Outer Banks in Cape Hatteras. They have everything | 704.658.1522

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