Big English AmE Level 3 Work Book

H orking W

unit 3

A DR ds. Then sing. r t wo ecrr



he co cle t ri nd c en a

Different Twins

begins / ends . e These two boys ar d Matt. Matt an Mike an e twins! en though they’r Ev e not alike, These two boys ar y now Their stor e two boys n e ar Ther not alike. d Mike. er makes his bed. He nev er Mike nev (Chorus) He has no time to play. He always es each d oes his chor He d syawlattaM ay. s nothing wr e’ Ther ou might be a bit lik Y e you like Mike or Matt? Ar e you like ch one ar Whi (Chorus) He watches TV instead. er wants to He nev ong with that! e each. ?

d Mike. amed Matt an


messes up his room / cleans his room


studies for his tests / forgets his tests


cleans his room / messes up his room


read a book / play outside


r Ma e you like Mike o

nswer r a e you itr t? Wt .


Unit 3 22

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