C.H. Brown - September 2022


Protect your cords. Smartphone and laptop chargers aren’t cheap by any means. Since we use them so often, the cord that attaches to the device is susceptible to fraying and breaking. If you have some painter’s tape lying around, take a small piece and wrap it around the cord close to the connectors on both sides! The tape acts as a brace and keeps your charger cord sturdy. Organize extra cables and cords. If you’re like most people, you probably have a bag or box of tangled wires and cables somewhere. It can

Technology was created to make our lives easier, and though it simplifies our daily routines, it can be a hassle to maintain — especially if there are cords involved. Keeping the power flowing to multiple devices requires a plethora of cords that can get tangled and annoying. Also, as time goes by, cords may break or simply stop working. Organizing and preserving the quality of your electronics is the best way to extend their longevity, and with these tips, you can save a few headaches along with some money. Tidy up your cords. When you have tons of cords and cables attached to your desk and power strips, they can

become an organizer’s worst nightmare, but there’s a better way. First, find an old shoe box and several empty toilet paper rolls. Then, place the rolls upright in a shoebox, wrap each cord up separately, and place them inside the rolls (one per roll) to keep them separate but together.

become a tangled mess. You end up pulling the wrong cord because they all look the same, and it’s a pain to figure out which is which. A great way to fix this is to use binder clips! You can clip them onto your desk to keep cords separate and in one place. Take it up a notch by using colored/ patterned binder clips. Assigning specific colors to certain cords lets you find the one you need at any moment.

Maintaining our electronics, especially the cords, allows our technology to continue working for us without worry or breaking the bank. Try these hacks and watch how untangled your cords and life can be!

Value-Based Selling Is an Underused Tactic HOW CAN YOU USE IT IN YOUR BUSINESS?

How do you implement this strategy in your business plan? 1. Know your clientele. Understanding your customers’ needs drives better sales results. If you’re familiar with them, you can find what they’re looking for to add value to their lives. While researching, understand their background, industry, demographics, and pain points. If you’re attempting to sell to other businesses, look at their website and social media pages to see their company news and updates. 2. Ask questions. Your prospects and customers want their voices heard, and asking questions is the best way to show them you’re listening. Encouraging them to tell you what they want and need has two benefits. First, it increases your customers’ confidence in your service and reassures them you’re interested in their situation. Second, you’ll discover how your

You may use sales tactics to persuade potential customers to purchase something from your business. But this strategy won’t work for some people. They may question the price of the product and how it benefits them. Instead, try value-based selling to provide greater value to your customers than your competitors. This is an underused sales tactic because many businesses focus on the price instead of the value their product or service offers their customers. What is value-based selling? Value-based selling presents the value your product or service creates for your customers instead of focusing on the price. Placing your customers’ needs before your revenue will generate a long-term and reliable relationship with them.

product or service benefits your clients and why they should purchase from you.

3. Be genuine. Every interaction must be meaningful. Show your prospects that you care about them and don’t want to waste their time. Speak to them as if you’re friends. You don’t want them to feel like they’re talking to a salesperson but a trusted advisor. People buy items based on how it makes them feel. So focus on the benefits you can provide and place yourself in more of an expert role rather than a salesperson. Although value-based selling requires more work, it’s ultimately worth it. Not only will you show how valuable your service is, but you will build lasting relationships with your customers, which will bring more retentions and referrals. So, give this strategy a try and watch your business grow!



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