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MAY 2019


WHYWE CHOSE THE SENAPTEC SENSORY STATION For the last several months, we have been searching for a device to more accurately assess and treat people experiencing concussion-related symptoms. After much deliberation and research, we decided the Senaptec Sensory Station would provide the most benefit to our community. Since the purchase, we have watched our patients regain motor function, balance, visual perception, and overall health. The Senaptec device was originally developed by Nike, with a focus on training high-level athletes. Over time, it was restructured to have the potential to help individuals of all ages and lifestyles. The Senaptec Station was one of four devices we considered, but this particular machine has the blend of everything we want. All of its features are suited to what we aim to accomplish at Peak Performance. Its primary function is to train and evaluate our patients through 10–12 visual and sensorimotor tests. The test and training sessions focus on improving contrast sensitivity, depth perception, perception span, reaction time, multiple object tracking, and go/ no go function to name a few. Each of these tests evaluates our patients’ strengths and identifies sensory areas where they need to improve. While many of our recovering athletes use the Senaptec Sensory Station to refine their hand and eye coordination, many of our less active patients use it to improve their balance.

Some people have age-related deficits that can result in balance problems and a higher risk of falling. The device can improve their coordination through the object tracking and go/no go tests. It can also improve their balance by forcing them to reach outside their base of support. As patients progress, they can complete tasks on an uneven surface, which facilitates a variety of equilibrium reactions. Once they’ve refined those skills, our therapists give them more complicated tasks, such as touching the screen and walking five feet around a cone and back again. These treatments increase their speed and balance to reduce their risk of falling and boost confidence in their movements. The Senaptec brand also makes strobe glasses, which intermittently black out portions of the patient’s field of vision and force them to use other senses to react and maintain balance. These glasses are traditionally used for high- level athletes, but we found they have clinical value for all ages, specifically people with proprioceptive deficits following a lower-extremity surgery. The strobe glasses were included with the Senaptec Sensory Station and

its tests, which are proving to be an exceptional tool for us in the clinic.

Another exciting feature the station offers is the ability for our patients to compare themselves to their peers. In fact, our athletes can even compare themselves to professional athletes because evaluation criteria from many devices, including those at professional sports clubs, are stored in a large database. For example, if a high school baseball player wants to compare their depth perception and contrast sensitivity to that of a professional player, they can do so. It has been a lot of fun to watch our patients challenge themselves and see how they match or beat the scores of elite athletes. The Senaptec Sensory Station is just one way we can provide the most up-to-date treatment methods for our clients. This device provides us the ability to add to our patients’ regular therapies with interactive cognitive therapy to help maximize recovery and improve health.

Call us if you’d like to make an appointment to try out our new Senaptec Station.

–Greg Huefner

• 1 509-453-PEAK (7325)

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