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The Happy Tooth


What’s the secret to running an office patients want to visit?

If you go online and search “dentist in San Diego,” you’re going to get almost two dozen results on the first page alone! Every dentist can clean a patient’s teeth or perform a filling, so why do patients choose me over another office? I can’t say what drives every patient, but I do believe something that makes my office special is the people inside.

One of my favorite books is “The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business” by Patrick Lencioni. He’s a motivational speaker who specializes in

“In order to build a positive environment, one thing I encourage in our office is communication.”

teaching companies how to improve their team management. Lencioni says the most important thing any business can provide isn’t their technology, data, or

information, but a solid team that works together to make sure everything runs smoothly. The best way to ensure you have a solid team? Make sure the team actually likes coming to work. I am a strong supporter of making sure your team is happy in their workplace. We spend a big chunk of our waking hours at work, so shouldn’t we at least like being in that place, surrounded by those people? Plus, I know that when we’re happy to be at the office, the positivity spreads to our patients, too. In order to build a positive environment, one thing I encourage in our office is communication. I know there are some situations in which team members would rather keep their mouths shut instead of voice a concern because they fear talking will get them in trouble. I welcome and embrace an exchange of ideas. When trouble arises — and when you are helping people who are sick or in pain, trouble arises on a daily basis — I don’t send down orders “from the top.” Instead, I talk to my team, present the problem, and ask them to work together to come up with the best solution. This builds the team dynamic and encourages everyone to look at a problem from all angles, helping to prevent the problem from arising again in the future.

I’m lucky to have a team that gets along so great, but even we have times when something rocks the boat. It’s okay if we aren’t completely happy all the time, but we have an important rule: Don’t go home upset. This is another way I encourage a stronger team dynamic. Resentments shouldn’t bubble up from beneath the surface. If there’s a problem, we sit down, with a supervisor if need be, and try to work it out. We may not agree about everything all the time, but when we remember we’re all here because we want to help patients be healthier and more confident, it doesn’t take long to smooth things out again. It’s not easy to achieve peak organizational health, but I recently had a patient tell me, “The reason I come in is because you guys are so happy here!” That kind of compliment lets me know we’re doing something right.

–Dr. Justene Doan

April 2018 Edition

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Big Message A Small Token With a

Megan’s friend, one of the first to pick up a rock Megan had left behind, sent her an encouraging message after finding it: “If you did drop this rock, you made my day.” Since then, Megan has inspired others with randomly placed messages of kindness. She finds a rock, paints a kind message on it, and leaves it on the beach for others to find. And the idea has spread. As the project has grown, so have people’s stories about finding kindness rocks. When people find a kindness rock, they get a boost to their day, but they also feel inspired to pay the kindness forward. If you want to spread kindness, start with a few smooth 3- to 5-inch rocks. Part of the adventure is in finding the rocks, so take the time to explore outside to find them. Maybe take the kids for a trek to a nearby park or beach. Once you have your rocks, use nontoxic paint or spray paint to color them. Use bright colors so that others can spot them. After the paint has dried, use paint pens to write your messages on the rocks. These can be as simple as one word or as big as an inspiring quote or verse. After you’ve written your message, use a clear nontoxic sealant to protect your artwork so it will be there when others find it. Find an outdoor space to leave your rock — maybe even in the original spot you found it. In a world that often seems dark, your message of kindness will serve as a beacon of hope for others. “One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world.” –Gautama Buddha A+ Referrals We want to thank all of our patients who put so much faith in us by recommending our services to their friends and family members. Last month, our referrals came from these amazing patients: How to Make Your Own Kindness Rocks

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? kids aren’t ready, and the day continues to unfold in a negative fog. Those difficult days are the reason Megan Murphy started the Kindness Rocks Project. After her parents passed away, she found comfort in finding heart-shaped rocks and sea glass on the beach. She realized that these small tokens might make other people feel better, too.

“My first and second experiences were great with Dr. Janice. She and her staff are very personable. She goes over everything in detail with you in your exam, which is something I have yet to experience elsewhere. As of right now, I have found my dentist.” –Kristene M. “I love this dentist! Everyone there is nice. I have been to multiple dentists, but this one is my favorite. They show you what is and what isn’t wrong with your teeth and carefully explain everything. They’re also very welcoming when you enter the door. I highly recommend them!” –Danisha P. “I never thought that I would say that it’s a pleasure to go to the dentist, but it truly is! They have a great office and dental staff! The entire staff was friendly, professional, and courteous. In the past, I avoided the dentist at all costs, but after leaving this office, I have a new view on going to the dentist. This place is simply amazing.” –Malcolm H. TESTIMONIALS See What Others Are Saying

Ricardo C. Jamie D. Gerri F.

Patricia G. David K. Daniel K.

Melody O. Kelly P. Abegaile S.

Madeline S.

And the winner of April’s referral prize (an Easter gift basket): Gerri F. Thank you to all of our patients who continue to support us. Check back next month when we will announce the winner of our next referral prize.

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SPEAK FOR YOURSELF What Do Your Teeth Say About You?

It’s important to make good first impressions. We want people to think the best of us, but unfortunately, there are some things that influence other people no matter what we say or do. One of these things is our smile. While we don’t tend to notice when someone’s teeth are straight and bright, we certainly remember when someone has stained, chipped, or crooked chompers. And unflattering teeth can cause other people to develop an unflattering opinion. Take the dating game for example. A 2013 Match.com survey found that men and women both ranked teeth as the most important trait they judge a potential partner on — over hair, clothes, and even grammar! In fact, a Kelton Research study determined 38 percent of people will not go on a second date with a person who has crooked teeth.

This might have something to do with the fact that we perceive individuals who have a pretty smile to be more attractive. Dr. Alex Jones, a lecturer in psychology at Swansea University in Wales, called a smile “the best accessory.” It’s not just your love life at stake. Your smile can also affect your career. In business, you want people to trust you, and another study by Kelton Research found that 73 percent of Americans were more likely to trust someone with nice teeth. Additionally, the National Bureau of Economic Research reports that losing one tooth can result in an annual earnings loss of at least $720 per year. Even if you have a stellar reputation, your teeth might have more say in whether or not you get the job than your words ever could.

If you don’t like what your teeth say about you, now is the time to act! This month, we are giving away a free smile makeover evaluation every week. Our smile experts will take a digital scan of your teeth, then carefully determine the treatment you need to have a dazzling smile. You’ll even get a photo mock-up of what your smile could look like when the treatment is done. A smile evaluation usually costs $225, but this month only, we are giving a handful away absolutely free. Call and make an appointment at 619-831-8832 in San Diego or 858-842-5850 in Poway to discover how beautiful your smile can be.


Have a Laugh!

With the beautiful spring weather, peas will soon be ripe enough to slip out of their pods. In honor of the season, this recipe pairs peas and pearl onions with mint to make a refreshing soup. Ingredients

• • • •

3 pearl onions, diced 3 tablespoons olive oil

3/4 cup fresh mint, plus more for garnish

6 cups fresh or frozen peas

• • • •

1 tablespoon agave nectar

5 cups vegetable stock

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt to taste

Pistachios for garnish


1. Place pot on stove over medium heat. Add olive oil. Add onions and cook until translucent. 2. Add peas and stock. Cook until peas are just tender and still bright green. Remove from stove and allow mixture to cool for 5 minutes.

3. Put the mixture in a blender. As you blend, add mint, agave, lemon juice, and salt. 4. Once blended, pour into a bowl, garnish with mint and pistachios, and serve! This soup can be served hot or chilled depending on the weather and your preference.

Adapted from mynewroots.org

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Naturescapes ONE-OF-A-KIND

If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you might see rare magical sights — baby turtles scuttling toward water, glowing lagoons, or a shimmering sky. But when and where do you need to be to catch these natural wonders? Sea Turtles Hatching in Hawaii On Oahu’s North Shore, head to Turtle Beach, which gets its name from the many turtles that nest along its shores. During late spring and summer, the waves subside, allowing turtles to crawl onto the beach to lay their eggs. Baby turtles hatch at night and make their way to the water by the light of the moon. If you do head to the beach at night to see this spectacle, don’t use white light, as it can disrupt the turtles’ progress (that means no flash photography). Eco tip: Look, but don’t touch! It’s illegal to touch a sea turtle in Hawaii. Bioluminescent Plankton in Jamaica Imagine looking out at the water as the sky gets dark and seeing it turn a bright, glowing blue. That’s the sight you might be treated to at Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica, where dinoflagellates, microscopic organisms in the water, lend their glow to the lagoon. These tiny

organisms thrive in areas where salt water and fresh water meet, making the lagoon in springtime an ideal place to see them. Eco tip: To ensure this magical sight will remain for years to come, always go with a “pack it in, pack it out” mentality. Take all of your belongings with you when you leave and be respectful of the beautiful environment that is yours to enjoy. Northern Lights in Scandinavia One of the most elusive natural wonders, the aurora borealis, can only be seen on dark nights in the most northern parts of the world. That makes Sweden and its Scandinavian neighbors a great place to see the phenomenon. From December through April, you’ll have your best chance of seeing the northern lights. Sightings are dependent on solar activity, so it’s impossible to predict the exact timing and location, but they’re easier to see during the longer, darker nights of winter and early spring. Eco tip: Book your trip through a responsible travel company, such as those that practice a fair-trade policy.

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