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SPEAK FOR YOURSELF What Do Your Teeth Say About You?

It’s important to make good first impressions. We want people to think the best of us, but unfortunately, there are some things that influence other people no matter what we say or do. One of these things is our smile. While we don’t tend to notice when someone’s teeth are straight and bright, we certainly remember when someone has stained, chipped, or crooked chompers. And unflattering teeth can cause other people to develop an unflattering opinion. Take the dating game for example. A 2013 Match.com survey found that men and women both ranked teeth as the most important trait they judge a potential partner on — over hair, clothes, and even grammar! In fact, a Kelton Research study determined 38 percent of people will not go on a second date with a person who has crooked teeth.

This might have something to do with the fact that we perceive individuals who have a pretty smile to be more attractive. Dr. Alex Jones, a lecturer in psychology at Swansea University in Wales, called a smile “the best accessory.” It’s not just your love life at stake. Your smile can also affect your career. In business, you want people to trust you, and another study by Kelton Research found that 73 percent of Americans were more likely to trust someone with nice teeth. Additionally, the National Bureau of Economic Research reports that losing one tooth can result in an annual earnings loss of at least $720 per year. Even if you have a stellar reputation, your teeth might have more say in whether or not you get the job than your words ever could.

If you don’t like what your teeth say about you, now is the time to act! This month, we are giving away a free smile makeover evaluation every week. Our smile experts will take a digital scan of your teeth, then carefully determine the treatment you need to have a dazzling smile. You’ll even get a photo mock-up of what your smile could look like when the treatment is done. A smile evaluation usually costs $225, but this month only, we are giving a handful away absolutely free. Call and make an appointment at 619-831-8832 in San Diego or 858-842-5850 in Poway to discover how beautiful your smile can be.


Have a Laugh!

With the beautiful spring weather, peas will soon be ripe enough to slip out of their pods. In honor of the season, this recipe pairs peas and pearl onions with mint to make a refreshing soup. Ingredients

• • • •

3 pearl onions, diced 3 tablespoons olive oil

3/4 cup fresh mint, plus more for garnish

6 cups fresh or frozen peas

• • • •

1 tablespoon agave nectar

5 cups vegetable stock

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt to taste

Pistachios for garnish


1. Place pot on stove over medium heat. Add olive oil. Add onions and cook until translucent. 2. Add peas and stock. Cook until peas are just tender and still bright green. Remove from stove and allow mixture to cool for 5 minutes.

3. Put the mixture in a blender. As you blend, add mint, agave, lemon juice, and salt. 4. Once blended, pour into a bowl, garnish with mint and pistachios, and serve! This soup can be served hot or chilled depending on the weather and your preference.

Adapted from mynewroots.org

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