Board Converting News, December 7, 2020

ICPF Curricula Support, Equipment Donations To Colleges Continue During Challenging Year Though the teaching of college classes and labs have been impacted due to the pandemic, the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) has continued its ongoing University Awards Program to provide equipment and grants to its partner universities in preparation for their return to 100 percent “on campus” programming.

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Earlier this fall, ICPF purchased and placed a TMI Medium Fluter and accessories at North Carolina State, where ICPF launched a new corrugat- ed packaging program last year through the purchase and donation of a CAD table. Additionally, a TMI Sommerville Screen and Disintegrator were purchased and placed at Cal Poly, where plans are underway to incorpo- rate the corrugated testing equipment into an online virtual lab course ICPF has provided curricula support and equipment donations to more than 27 colleges and universities across the country.


during the winter term. Plans are also underway for the purchase and do- nation of 20 computers, 20 computer desks and chairs and a stipend for new adjunct packaging instructors at University of Texas - Arlington, where ICPF purchased and placed a large scale digital printer last year. Indiana State University packaging students receive a lesson at the cutting ta- ble, which was made possible by ICPF pledges and donations.



December 7, 2020

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