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packaging. “We bought our first Hycorr 5-color (all outside print) machine for our New Bremen operations three years ago and we were very satisfied, which is why we are in- vesting in another here in Whitestown,” says Stoner. Indeed, the Hycorr will accommodate its customers’ e-commerce packaging demands and more, but instead

day and tomorrow. Decades of experience has taught us that a collaborative process with our customers results in more efficient, effective products.” Indiana Strong It was having several “sizable” customers – and cor- respondingly sizable freight costs – in Indiana that were being serviced from Opus’ Grand Rapids facility in Michigan that prompted the cousins to open the new 170,000-square-foot facility in Whitestown, which before Arvco’s assets were added, contained a Ward 66-inch by 125-inch 2-color flexo folder gluer, a Post folder gluer and some peripheral equipment. “Because we were essential- ly starting from scratch, we felt like we were in a position to create the perfect sheet plant,” says Stoner. “But we needed another flexo folder gluer and another rotary die cutter. We got an S&S 30-inch by 90-inch flexo folder gluer in the Arvco purchase, but we decided to re-deploy the die cutter that was in the Arvco facility to one of our other locations and bring in a brand new Hycorr.” The Hycorr is a 5-color (4-color outside printing/1-color inside printing) 66-inch by 115-inch rotary die cutter that started up in November and has the capacity to accom- modate the needs of Opus’ existing and new customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food & beverage segments. The inside/outside print capabilities will also satisfy the increased demand for e-commerce

of making another investment in a digital press, all Opus Packaging operations have been farming out requests for digital work. “We’ve decided to hold off on digital because it is changing so quickly,” says Manor. “It seems like every Opus Packaging’s first 5-color Hycorr die cutter was installed in its New Bremen, Ohio, facility. It purchased a second Hycorr – a 4-color outside printing/1-color inside printing version – for its greenfield plant in Whitestown, Indianapolis.


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December 7, 2020

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