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For No Other Reason Than to Do Good

see people so focused on the device in their hand — so absorbed in their own world — that they fail to see the people around them. I believe it’s important to talk about random acts of kindness, especially when everyone is so hyper focused inside their own little bubbles. If you dare to suggest doing something good for someone else, they respond, “Well, what’s in it for me?” I don’t think this is the goal we should aim for, nor is it the mindset we should have. Being selfless is doing a good deed for someone you don’t expect to benefit from. This month, do something nice, regardless of what you’re going to get in return. It doesn’t have to be something crazy, either. Some might donate large sums of money to good causes, and others might volunteer to help those in need. However, I think little acts of kindness are essential. Something small — such as holding the door open for a stranger, saying good morning to your fellow coworkers, taking your daughter into the backyard for a picnic, or helping to carry the groceries inside — might make someone’s day. You never really know how much you can impact someone by doing something you considered a simple and random kindness.

For my readers who are unaware, National Random Acts of Kindness Day is Feb. 17. I happened to come across the holiday by chance, but I liked the idea so much I wanted to write about it. After some research, I found out that groups and organizations throughout the country recognize and support the holiday, and individuals celebrate it by doing kind deeds for those around them. While I was thrilled to find such a great idea in action, it also left me thinking about how many people don’t do anything for others because they’re so caught up in their own lives. Recently, I watched a video by Gary Vaynerchuk, a businessman and public speaker. He talked about how we’re in a time now where our phones are basically replacing our TVs, and our TVs are becoming things of the past, much like the radio. I happened to see a meme not long afterward with a picture of two people talking under a speech bubble that said, “I have a bunch of people coming over to look at their phones, if you want to join us.” Both the video and the meme have me thinking about how our phones have become such a large part of our lives. Every day, people become more disconnected from one another; no one really interacts face-to-face anymore. It’s sad to me when I

Use National Random Acts of Kindness Day to go out and do something for someone else. Let Feb. 17 be your starting point in becoming more intentional about what you do, especially for others. As a nation, and around the globe, we should all focus on this — heck, it could even make the world a better place.

“Being selfless is doing a good deed for someone you don’t expect to benefit from.”

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