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Often, when we’ve been injured or are in pain, our instinct is to stop all activity. We’ve been conditioned to think that rest will help us get better. However, staying active is important. I say it all the time to patients: The body is made to move. Our systems — nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal — are all improved by movement. When you move, they get healthier. Sitting still for too long can cause muscles to atrophy, the heart and lungs to not function as well, and cholesterol to build up. Therefore, it’s better to be active than not active. In the real estate business, they say it’s all about “location, location, location.” In occupational therapy, we say it’s all about “motion, motion, motion.” The way to prevent and treat pain is through movement done under the guidance of your doctor and therapist, of course. I’m not telling you to go do handsprings or run a marathon. It’s important to ease into activity and follow the advice of your therapist. But you do need to move to return strength and dexterity to your muscles. Patients come in with stiff, sore hands, and by the time we’re finished with their treatment plan, they feel so much better and more mobile. It can feel like the injury just healed itself or the pain just went away, but in reality, there’s no magic involved. Being diligent about hand therapy and consistently doing home exercises will provide the effects we planned for. Did you know we now offer virtual telehealth visits for therapy? We will continue to provide this as an option to better meet your needs. Please call us to schedule or if you need any assistance with your teletherapy visit. We’re here for you!

Motion combined with consistency is the key to healing injuries and feeling better. When I see a patient once but then don’t see them again for a while, I worry for them. Especially in the early phases of treatment, professional intervention is so important to getting better. Nutrition plays an important role in our health, too, and when we move more, better nutrition tends to follow. When we spend more time in front of the TV, we tend to turn to comfort foods. Processed foods that are higher in sugar might make us feel good at the moment, but the results of them aren’t worth it. Stick to whole foods, plenty of fruits and veggies, and lean proteins for your health, which will help you feel better. As the weather gets nicer, I know it’s tempting to skip out on your occupational therapy and spend more time outside. I get it, and I love your enthusiasm to be outside. But with the warmer weather and a more active season, it’s more important than ever to stick with your treatment plan. Only by being consistent will you get to a place where you can enjoy the activities you love without pain or injury.

–Nick Roselli, OTR/L,CHT, Owner


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