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Think Realty’s Inaugural Coaching Team teaches to all strategies, angles, and experience levels.


real estate coaching in particular has been proven time and again. However, in our real estate industry specifically, the concept of coaching has deteriorated over time. Real estate investors are often reluctant to seek out the expert education and mento- ring that they need in order to excel as quickly and profitably as possible in this business. To counter that trend and provide truly valuable, actionable education from certifiably successful real estate investors who both “can do” and “can teach,” Think Realty has begun assembling a powerful faculty of educators, the Think Realty Coach- es, who offer guidance and insight to Think Realty members and mentees in the coaching program. This past April, the organization debuted its first quartet of certified

Think Realty coaches at the Think Realty National Conference and Expo in Dallas, Texas. These coaches each created a series of training videos available, in full, to investor-level members and provided hours of on- site training, insight, and advice at the expo itself. Each coach has a desig- nated specialty derived from their personal experience in real estate and passion for the topic. Eddie Wilson, “The Deal Maker” and also president of Think Realty, Sonia Booker, “The Wealth Builder” and passionate wom- en’s advocate in the industry, Tameka Bryant, “The Closer” and long-time educator with the Think Realty organization, and Abhi Golhar, “The Connector” and national real estate personality, comprise Think Realty’s founding team.

FROM CANONICAL POETS AND renowned geniuses to modern-day millionaires, there are few success sto- ries in history who fail to acknowledge the massive, intrinsic value of expert guidance on the way to success. Ralph Waldo Emerson said of the concept of mentoring, “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” Isaac Newton credited his own genius to the guidance of those who coached him: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The famous author of the sim- plest two rules for success in business, “Never lose money” and “Never forget rule number one,” Warren Buffet, has said of coaching simply, “It is better to hang out with people better than you… and you’ll drift in that direction.” The value of mentoring in general and of

Think Realty’s inaugural coaches from left to right: Sonia Booker, Eddie Wilson, Tameka Bryant, Abhi Golhar

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