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she explained, noting that one of her first partnerships, a longstanding relationship with Atlanta real estate pioneer Herman J. Russell of H.J. Russell & Company, was a foundational experience in her own investing career that ultimately lasted more than a decade. “I worked with Mr. Russell until almost 2014, always also do- ing books and renovations,” she recalled. To her, this experience highlights the importance of working with experienced investors who are skilled in setting good goals for their mentees. “Working with Mr. Russell was such a breakthrough because I got to do all kinds of things that I’d never dreamed of doing,” she said. “I learned then that the key to forging successful partnerships and getting your feet wet in this industry is to really show that you have some skin in the game and that you are willing to give whatever you do have to offer to a partnership.” These days, Booker takes that attitude to the front and center of her own real estate investing, working hard to incorporate new investors and often female investors into her deals and opportunities. “You have to remember that real estate is a great wealth equal- izer,” she explained. “It doesn’t require any degrees, and we all have the same leverage when it comes to real estate. You just have to get the knowledge and you can be successful.” SONIA BOOKER ON “YOUR WEALTH-BUILDING LEGACY” “What I’ve realized over my years in real estate is that everyone has a path for how they find a property, the secret to finding a deal, etc. Uncovering that secret for yourself is really the key: you have to

be willing to build the legacy, to uncover the secret, to find your path to the deal, or you will fail. I have seen so much failure and frustration in this business, and it doesn’t have to be that way if new inves- tors will just take a fewminutes on the front end to really map things out! “My coaching ‘title’ really says it all: to me, real estate investing is a wealth-building movement. It’s not the only wealth-building vehicle out there, but I happen to think that it is certainly one of the better ones. The Think Realty coaching program allows you to really get depth, under- standing, and solid information. Part of my agreement with the organiza- tion was to make a solid commitment to providing information and really good tools for real estate investors to use to build their personal legacies. Tools that they won’t get hurt using, that will help them build generational wealth through real estate. “And here’s the thing about the Think Realty coaching program. Just as real estate investing should be a constant wealth-building, legacy-building process, we, as coaches, are constantly building the coaching program out as well. It’s a continuously-growing library. For example, my content is based around planning, setting goals, really under- standing what you’re doing, whether you’re locating a property or finding a really solid tenant. When most people think about real estate investing, they think of it in terms of goals – putting a kid through college or security in retire- ment. When you are finding properties that fit your ultimate goals, it’s fun, and real estate investing should be fun. I’m crazy like that!”

TITLE AND AFFILIATIONS: Think Realty Coach, Think Realty Woman to Watch in Real Estate in 2017, Wealth-builder, Thought-leader, Entre- preneur, Real Estate Investor, OMagazine trailblazer, founder and CEO at Sonia Booker Enterprises. EXPERIENCE: Commercial and residential real estate development, signature coaching for serious beginning investors, radio host, best-selling author, founder of iBuildWealth Workshops and Every- thing Real Estate Conference and Expo. BACKGROUND CHECK: Sonia Booker has been an active real estate investor for more than two decades and has the development and management of more than $50 mil- lion in real estate assets, among them apartment buildings, condominiums, small hotels, and residential real estate, under her belt. “I did it all,” she laughed about her start in real estate, and that has not changed much since the beginning. These days, she spends her time expanding and maintaining a massive investment portfolio and nur- turing a growing community of young real estate investors through her many media outlets, including radio shows, YouTube instructional videos, on-site trainings, and, most recently, her presence as a Think Realty Coach. “There are so many facets to real estate investing, and you have to find the one that fits your goals, your budget, and your lifestyle,” she said. “It’s about putting together the perfect plan.” Teaching is nothing new for Booker, who used to host free educational events in the living rooms of her investment properties where she taught others, mainly women, about how to successfully get involved in real estate investing. “I have always felt like investors accomplish more as a team,”

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