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“UNPRECEDENTED ACCESS” TO EXPERIENCE C armen Inman has played an integral role in the formula- tion and launch of the Think Realty Coaching program. With more than a decade-and-a-half of experience working with coaches across various investing sectors, Inman has a unique perspective on the coaching faculty as well as the infrastructure behind the program. Inman said: “I’ve been in the coaching and education space for 16 years, and to provide access to this type of content at this price is unprec- edented. Beyond that, though, the camaraderie between coaches and students and the opportunities to connect that go right along with participation in this program are truly groundbreaking.

“Always be alert to opportuni- ties to learn

Eddie Wilson introduces his fellow coaches in Dallas.

new things and access new

PERHAPS THE BIGGEST FACTOR in your success as a real estate investor will be your ability to spot opportunities in real estate and then leverage those opportunities effectively. Think Realty’s coaches, Eddie Wilson (The Deal-Maker), Sonia Booker (The Wealth Builder), Tameka Bryant (The Closer), and Abhi Golhar (The Connector) are all experts at spotting and leveraging opportunities, and they all go about that in very different ways. Here, they explain in detail how they identify good opportunities and leverage them effectively using their unique perspectives and strengths. Panel in Print: “Eyes on Opportunity” THINK REALTY COACHES DISCUSS SPOTTING AND LEVERAGING OPPORTUNITIES IN REAL ESTATE.

information. You don’t have to be the expert in everything. It is okay for oth- er people to know things better than I know them, and I always yield to them when I meet them. I have done a lot of different types of investing, but there are people out there who have done some things better than I have. The most important thing is to be open to learning and building a library of knowledge so that you can apply that knowledge to your goals for real estate investing to get the best results for you.” SONIA BOOKER

“This approach to coaching is truly out of the box. At Think Realty, we’re proud to put our name on it. In the end that’s what it all comes down to: providing the information investors need to lead and guide their path to success from safe and trusted sources. It’s an honor to align theThink Realty membership with the education and real life boots-on-the-ground experience Sonia, Tameka, Abhi, and Eddie offer. Each of these coaches emphasizes self-assessment, determining needs/goals, and the level of risk at which each individual is comfortable. There is no hard-lined approach to any specific strategy, and they certainly aren’t going to ask anyone to do anything they aren’t comfortable with, but somehow, they still manage to push students to perform at their best level in real estate and in life. “This coaching team inspires me, and I am confident it will inspire other inves- tors and educators as well. I’m ready to diversify my investment approach based on this coaching, and I’m not a risk taker by any means. With that being said, all of us need a little push now and then, and that’s one of the primary purposes of any coach or mentor I’ve ever had. I’m excited to see the opportunity this program will provide coaches and investors alike!”

“It is so important to find a niche in which you can flourish. Too many investors, es-

“My investment strategy always starts with this: I look for a need.

pecially real estate agents, go into one pocket of the business and never realize all the other areas in real estate that could enable them to make a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. For me, that niche was the investor niche. The minute I learned about foreclosures, I became the first Afri-

“I’m always on the lookout for opportunity, and many times, opportunity looks like growth in a community. For example, when we renovate rental properties, we don’t only clean them up with renters in mind. We also give careful consideration to the design of the property so it feels like a home. There are so many properties that sit on the market because they are just not designed properly. For example, you walk into a home and hit a wall; and immediately are forced to decide whether or not to go into the family room or the kitchen rather than just coming home. When you consider the activity flow of a person living in the home, not only are you more likely to have long-term tenants but the resale value on that property is tremendously higher,

Real estate is not just about finding an active investment vehicle. It’s

about finding a massive gap, a big oppor- tunity, a stagnant market. My first big deal involved buying up (and then tearing down) outdated properties to build new ones that would attract a local population of medical students desperate for appropriate housing. Those were – and still are – a huge success, and that project enabled me to go beyond that and start investing in other real estate opportunities.” EDDIEWILSON

can-American to have a Freddie Mac contract in Missouri. I be- came a master listing agent with Freddie Mac and then started listing with Fannie Mae as well, and that put me right at the fore- front for working with investors. The scale of the investing world is something most people do not understand. You can work with one investor who is going to buy (or sell) 100 properties or 100 people buying or selling one property. For me, that decision is easy. I’ll take the investor every time, and that specialized niche pays off for me and for the investors who work with me.” TAMEKA BRYANT

days on market are lower, and you’ve contributed to creating a community of proud homeowners rather than transient residents who will eventually move because their homes do not structurally encourage long-term occupancy.” ABHI GOLHAR


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