As a result, national news stations started to call me for interviews. In order to be prepared for those news interviews, I launched Real Estate News for Investors in January of 2016. This way I could be well informed if I got a last minute call from Fox, ABC News or Bloomberg. It’s been in the Top 10 List of real estate podcasts since we’ve launched. KF It’s fairly easy and inexpensive. Here are some tips on getting started: 1 GET A GOOD MIC You can record on your computer with Audacity or whatever audio recording program you prefer. You can even use your Voice Memos app on your iPhone. The most important thing is to have a high-quality mic, like the Yeti, for optimal sound. Make sure you have rugs, curtains and baffling to avoid a room echo. DB How do you launch a show?

2 GET RIGHTS TO YOUR MUSIC You can get free music for your open and close by searching “free music,” or you can create it yourself. Do not use licensed material without permission or you will pay big fines. 3 KEEP YOUR SHOW OPENING SHORT If people listen to your podcast regularly, they won’t want to wait through a long intro every single time they tune in. 4 GO LIGHT ON ADVERTISING You can use ads throughout the show or at the end, but too many podcasters load up at the beginning and lose their audience right away. 5 LET YOUR GUESTS TALK If you are conducting interviews, don’t dominate the conversation. Give your guest the spotlight and be prepared with great questions and an impressive intro.

6 SPEAK TO ONE PERSON If you act like you’re talking to a big group, it won’t sound very personal. Think of one person, and speak to them. 7 BE READY BEFORE YOUR LAUNCH iTunes will feature your new show in the “New and Noteworthy” section for 8 weeks after launching a new show. Take advantage of this boost and come out of the gate ready with shows prepared. Get your friends and family to subscribe, rate and review the show right away. > Continued on :: PG 110

Donna Behrens has worked as a TV news writer and segment producer in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 25 years. She’s also developed a passion for real es-

Kathy Fettke records her podcasts in her home office, as can you with a good mic and the right software.

tate investing, and is nowworkingwith the Real Wealth Network as podcast producer for the Real Wealth Show and the Real Wealth News for Investors. Her skill set also spans the graphic arts industry, web development, and some entrepreneurial work as a retailer. Donna can be reached at


these podcasts deliver... BE INSPIRED. STAY INFORMED.

by Donna Behrans

athy Fettke has been podcasting for the last 13 years and was on the air

ple were listening to podcasts 13 years ago. We were just happy to find a way to repurpose the content that we were already producing regularly. It took off rapidly after that. Soon I had thousands of listeners in 27 countries. My little San Francisco audience turned into a global audience nearly overnight. DB What else motivated you to start your podcast? KF I originally started the Real Wealth Show when I found out my husband was diagnosed with melanoma. After many tests, the doctor thought the cancer had spread to his liver. If that were the case, he told Rich, he would have six months to live. Fortunately, the doctor was wrong and Rich is healthy today, but at the time, we didn’t know. I quickly turned the show’s focus into ways I could create passive income, in order to be home for Rich and the children. I interviewed self-made million-

aires week after week and learned their secrets. We followed their advice and bought 14 rental homes in Dallas, Texas. It turned out that my audience wanted to learn the same information that we did. The show grew rapidly, so we started to host live events to get to know our au- dience. That’s when we created the Real Wealth Network, a safe place for people to learn from others who have done what they hope to do. No back-of-the-room sales were allowed. No boot camps. No gurus. Just education from real world investors willing to share their secrets. We were able to help hundreds of people avoid loss during the 2008 housing crash, thanks to the great guests I interviewed on “The Real Wealth Show.” For example, Rob- ert Kiyosaki was the one who advised us to sell our high-priced California property and trade it for high-cash-flow properties in Texas. When the California markets crashed soon after, those who listened and got out in time were able to quadruple their monthly cash flow and preserve their equity.


long before that on radio and television. She knows exactly what it takes to start a successful podcast and, this month, shares it with Think Realty readers. DONNA BEHRANS What got you into podcasting? KATHY FETTKE It happened somewhat by accident. I had a radio show called “The Real Wealth Show” that was broadcast in San Francisco on KNEW and then later on KSFO. My husband, Rich Fettke, who is an early adopter, found out that iTunes was incorporating a new thing called “podcasts.” He converted my radio show into an mp3 and uploaded it for free, and voila! I had suddenly become one of the first real estate podcasters on iTunes. I’m sure I didn’t have much of an audience yet because not too many peo-


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