one more house, for others it may be one more market and for others, it may be one less distraction allowing them to scale by solidifying their personal fund raising “department.” In either case, the strength of capital, when customized to your needs, is one of the single most powerful tools in any successful investor’s toolkit and you deserve to have one too. Tailored capital is no longer a rarity reserved only for those willing to pay the price.Today it is available to everyone who knows how to find it. Having masterfully crafted over $300 million of loans across the state of Texas, each built to fit the exact specifications of the Investor, Streamline Funding is this source. Streamline Funding has helped investors across the state, just like you, since 2002 tap into over $120 million (and growing) in gross profits one at a time.With flexible rates and terms, a masterful team of lending professionals and the industry’s best service, some of that fortune can be yours too. If you don’t want to “just” build a house, but instead want to build your business, then Streamline Funding is for you. Next time you consider a loan, consider a lender who is a master of their craft and contact Streamline Funding for your customized funding needs.

Romney Navarro Chief Marketing Officer Noble Capital Streamline Funding is a wholly owned subsidiary of Noble Capital Group, LLC.,Texas’ premier Real Estate Investment Funding source.

If price was not an issue would you choose to settle for “off the rack” or indulge in “tailor-made” goods or services? If you are anything like me, you would probably go the custom-fit route.Why not? If all things are equal, the superior product is the customized product.Tailored service is not only reserved for those things of indulgence, they can (and do) apply across a much wider spectrum – including investment loans. Many (if not most) real estate investors who specialize in rental properties, fixer-uppers or speculative construction projects rely heavily on a lending institution (private or conventional) to provide them with the funds they need to capitalize on a project.Without predictable access to capital many investors would not be able to conduct business in a way that allows them to take advantage of the opportunities before them. In today’s hot real estate investing environment, where the industry has all but made its way to the mainstream, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of lenders out there competing for an investor’s business. In theory, this open marketplace is good news for the investor because there are now so many more “off the rack” choices than ever before. However, far too many investors still have to submit themselves to the pre-set requirements and specifications of each Lender. Today investors have many options to select from yet have access to far too few personalized services. Imagine what you could do with a lender who customized a loan just for you. Could you imagine the possibilities if that lender personalized a plan with only you in mind, with the goal being specific to helping you grow your investment business? Those possibilities can be endless and may just take your business to the next level. For some it is

From bridge loans, construction loans, rehab loans, cash-out or acquisition funding, Streamline Funding crafts hard money solutions tailored to your exact specifications. CUSTOM LOANS THAT FIT


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