News Briefs CIVIC FINANCIAL SERVICES HIRES NEW EFFICIENCY EXPERT, CREATIVE LEADER CIVIC FINANCIAL SERVICES has hired efficiency expert and creative leader, MERCED COHEN , to direct company operations. Cohen spent a decade deconstructing and improving the loan process at Skyline Financial Corporation, which will well-equip her in private money lending. CIVIC, a relatively “young” private money lender with just four years in the business, is at a perfect point to benefit fromMs. Cohen’s leadership and expertise. She is joining forces with longtime trusted colleague from Skyline, William Tessar, who took Skyline Financial Corporation from $40 million in funding a month to $3.5 billion annually in about a decade and also joined CIVIC this year. Hear directly from CIVIC on p. 14 of The Investor Review in this issue. • ADAPIA D’ERRICO , one of Think Realty’s “Women to Watch in Real Estate in 2017,” joined investment manager AlphaFlowMay 2017. She will scale the company’s investor platform and expand customer channels, an apt fit given her nationally-recognized expertise in growing businesses through brand advocacy and designing platforms to build engaged communities. d’Errico served as CMO at Patch of Land, one of the industry’s first peer-to-peer lenders, one of the many reasons that the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) featured her on their cover in their “Lender Limelight” last year. • THINK REALTY “WOMAN TOWATCH” ADAPIA D’ERRICO JOINS ALPHAFLOW SGF CONTRACTING SERVICES JOINS THE AFFINITYWORLDWIDE TEAM Think Realty’s parent company AFFINITYWORLDWIDE acquired SGF CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. , a provider of rehab and renovation services for real estate investors, asset managers, and landlords. The SGF team of project management professionals collaborates with clients to rehab and repair single-family properties to make them rent- and sale-ready. Clients can view project photos, timelines, budgets, and messages online anytime. SGF currently covers areas within 12 states and plans to expand soon. “With Affinity, we’ll be able to grow and serve more clients, enhancing their asset values and ROI,” said Anne Nelson, SGF’s co-founder. You can find out more about SGF Contracting Services by visiting their website at •

TREIA CONFERENCE & EXPO, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THINK REALTY :: RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Investors throughout the “Triangle Region” are Joining Forces this August

Think Realty will be joining North Carolina’s Triangle Real Estate Investors Association (TREIA) this August 26-27, 2017, at an event that will provide North Carolina real estate investors with access to everything real estate in the region under one roof. With myriad

See Think Realty Coach Abhi Golhar’s exclusive Facebook Live interview in Dallas at

WhereWe’re Thinking Realty in 2017

networking opportunities, a full roster of service providers, and nationally recognized speakers including Ron LeGrand and Lee Phillips providing training alongside local market experts and other

NATIONAL CONFERENCE & EXPO :: DALLAS, TEXAS Education, Networking, and Purpose Came Together in Dallas

NATIONAL CONFERENCE & EXPO :: BALTIMORE, MARYLAND “Big” Real Estate Policy Hurts Investors, Buyers, and Tenants Who Can Least Afford It Real estate is known across the entrepreneurial world as one of the great “wealth equalizers.” Unfortunately, well-intentioned regulation from some of the most powerful entities in the country, our state and national legislative bodies, often threatens to bankrupt the foundation not just of the real estate industry, the individual investor, but also the support system that bolsters and maintains affordable housing in the United States: individual, “mom-and-pop,” and “accidental” landlords. This, along with Think Realty’s traditional educational offerings and networking opportunities, was among the prevailing topics at the Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 24- 25, 2017, at the Baltimore Convention Center. Think Realty’s sister association, the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), also debuted a lender-specific educational track at the event. While the spotlight is shining particularly brightly on landlording policy in Baltimore these days thanks to a scathing article recently published in the Baltimore Sun about alleged tenant abuse in the city’s housing courts, the conference and expo also featured a market insights panel centered on the activities of the city’s most successful individual investors and how they are adapting to the changing local housing climate, trainings from a wide variety of real estate investing experts with proven track records of both effective education and profitable, active investing, and all-day attendee access to several of Think Realty’s coaching faculty.

national figures, this event is not to be missed.

Reserve your spot at the event and access early-bird trainings, market analysis, and breaking news alerts at Read more about the North Carolina housing market from ATTOM chief economist Daren Blomquist on page 88.

Attendees of the Think Realty National Conference and Expo in Dallas, Texas, April 29-30, 2017, not only enjoyed a very full day of education and networking with local and na- tional influencers in the real estate industry,

they also had a chance to expand their resources and their networks expo- nentially right along with their portfolios. At the event, Think Re- alty debuted a powerful coaching team, examined the role of wom- en in real estate in an actionable way relevant to all investors of both genders, offered trainings on every aspect of real estate investing from owning private mortgage notes to investing through your retirement


The industry’s finest meet to personally instruct, network, and be honored this fall.

Be present for the 2017 Think Realty Awards of Distinction Ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. Unprecedented networking opportunities with leaders and influencers across the industry.

account and from turnkey real estate to active rehabbing, and explored commercial property owner- ship and the unique opportunities offered by the local Dallas/ DFW market.

Be present for the 2017 Think Realty Awards of Distinction Ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. Unprecedented networking opportunities with leaders and influencers across the industry. Read more about the Think Realty Awards on page 12. Submit nominations through July 15, 2017 at Re erve yo r spot at the event and access early- bird trainings, market analysis, and breaking news alerts at

Hear from Dallas Expo Featured Experts in the “Street Smart” Q&A feature on page 10. Read more about Think Realty’s expert coaching team on page 18.

Read more about landlording and legislation on page 62.

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