AWBI Executive Director Leadership Profile 2019 06 28 FINAL…

LEADERSHIP PROFILE   Executive Director   Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative  Atlanta, Georgia  


Few cities have experienced growth on par with Atlanta. Home to more than five million  people, Metro Atlanta is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S. and has  the 10th largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the nation. According to a recent  Census report. Atlanta saw the third highest population gains in 2017 surpassed only by  Houston and Dallas. While many factors contribute to the influx, the promise of economic  opportunity is the strongest draw. In a recent study by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis,  Atlanta earned the second highest “boom rate” among big city economies, and with the  third highest number of Fortune 500 headquarters, Atlanta continues to attract employers  and employees alike. This growth is made more complex by the region’s history,  geographic sprawl and politics.   While Atlanta has a strong regional economy, it is also ranked as the worst city for income  inequality. That said, not everyone is benefiting from Atlanta’s economic boom. The  American Dream, a central feature of American mythology, is centered on the idea that if 

you work hard you can get ahead. That hard work will  translate into prosperity and wealth not only for an  individual, but for their family and community as well. But for  every Horatio Alger story of lore, there are tens of thousands  more who never have the chance to read the storybook.  Their very ability to dream is limited by the circumstances of  their birth. In fact, for all too many Americans, and for the  clear majority of African Americans and people of color,  particularly in Atlanta, the American dream has not been a 


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