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“Can we do better? Of course, we can,” -FSPVYTBJEi#VUXFOFFEUPCFQSFQBSFE8F need to make sure we have people who can make decisions, even when those decisions are unpopular.” The October 4 event held at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School in Russell was set up more as a meet-the-candidates politi- cal social, with all three mayoral candidates and the eight candidates seeking one of the four councillor positions for the township each getting a few minutes on stage to state their campaign platforms, and then spending the rest of the evening meeting one-on-one with any of the more than 130 residents gathered in the school cafetorium.

Armstrong said, “if not for the whole municipality.” “There’s very little commercial zoning still available in the Village of Russell,” TBJE.D/BMMZi*UTBRVFTUJPOPGTVQQMZBOE demand, with little supply.” He noted that his business development focus for the village would be to find ways to foster more retail and professional service investment into Russell. Leroux argued that his council along with previous councils have prepared an economic strategy for the whole municipality, along with a heritage protection plan, and reports on traffic studies and other concerns. i8FWFEPOFPVSTUVEJFT uIFTBJEi8F know where we’re going. It’s going forward, it’s going the right way, and we need to continue doing so.” During their introductory remarks, the mayoral candidates outlined their main concerns and goals should they win the October 22 vote. “A healthy environment is important to me,” said Armstrong, a local community activist with the Dump the Dump lobby group, opposed to the Taggert-Miller project for a commercial recycling and waste disposal project in Ottawa’s rural east end, close

to the boundary with the Village of Russell. “I want to get more of our tax money back from the counties, provincial and federal governments,” said McCarthy. “I want to clear UIFIVSEMFTGPSCVTJOFTT8IFOXFIBWFUIF (increased) tax base, we’ll have the money for the amenities.” Both Armstrong and McCarthy also stated they want to see a better, bigger location QSPWJEFEGPSUIF&NCSVOCSBODIPGUIFQVCMJD library. Leroux defended his council’s work during the past term at improving business develop- ment in the township, stating that recent surveys indicate that more than 83 per cent of business owners have “a positive view” of the township.

The three candidates seeking to be may- or of Russell Township after October 22 wrestled with questions about business development and heritage protection, during the first all-candidates public session last Thursday night. The three mayoral candidates, incumbent 1JFSSF-FSPVY 4IBXO.D/BMMZ BOE$IBSMFT Armstrong had two separate questions to answer in addition to their campaign introductions. The questions concerned what kind of business development plan could they of- fer the Village of Russell to help boost its economic profile, and how would they bal- ance preservation of the village’s heritage residential features with increasing traffic demands. Armstrong noted that any major future business growth for the township as a whole will hinge on the 417 Industrial Park near Vars. He argued that the Village of Russell needs its own advisory committee for future economic planning. i8F OFFE B CVTJOFTT EFWFMPQNFOU committee for each of the (four) villages,”



Police have released an artist’s sketch of a suspect wanted for questioning in a recent case of a suspicious person attempting to pick up a child from a daycare in the Village of Russell. On September 4, staff at the daycare facility operating on the Russell Public School grounds prevented a man from tak- ing a child from the daycare. Staff checked and confirmed there was no prior approval from any parent for their child to leave the daycare except with their parents. The following day, police received a report of a suspicious vehicle following a child biking along Concession Street and Craig Street in Russell village. The vehicle was an older model black car with dark-tinted windows, which prevented iden- tification of the driver. Police do not know at present if the two “suspicious person” incidents are related. Police have now released an artist’s composite sketch, based on the descrip- tion of the man in the daycare incident (see photo). He is described as a white male, about five-foot-nine, well-built, 35 to 40 years old, with about a week’s growth of facial hair, and tattoos on both arms. )FTQFBLT&OHMJTIXJUIPVUBOBDDFOUBOE

La police a publié un portrait-robot d’un homme recherché pour interrogatoire relativement à une affaire remontant au début septembre lorsque qu’une personne suspecte a tenté de récupérer un enfant dans une garderie du village de Russell. Quiconque reconnaît la personne sur le croquis peut appeler la Police provinciale de l’Ontario (PPO. —photo fournie at the time wore a plaid T-shirt. Anyone who can identify the person of interest in the first case, based on the composite sketch, can call Det-Constable Michael Cunning at 613-443-4499 or email, or phone CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Les candidats au poste de maire Pierre Leroux (à gauche), Shawn McCarthy et Charles Armstrong ont présenté leur vision de l’avenir du développement commercial du village de Russell au cours d’un débat et d’une rencontre entre les électeurs locaux, à la St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School. Un rencontre bilingue des candidats aura lieu le 10 octobre au Centre communautaire d’Embrun. —photo Gregg Chamberlain


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