BFA Nomination Booklet 2020


Olivia Lane, Auxiliary Marketing Olivia's workload has increased drastically because of the current circumstances, and she has met every challenge that has come her way, producing high - quality assets that meet the exact needs of our clients. She is incredibly responsive to our departments' needs, and she works fast, well, and diligently. She has been very adaptable and accommodating to last - minute changes (which have been plentiful recently!). Many of our projects have had very fast turnaround time, and she has adapted her work schedule to finish projects quickly, while still delivering high - quality work. She has shouldered a lot of work and stress, always with a positive attitude. Many projects would not be possible without her, and she is a great asset to our team. Staci Sleigh - Layman, Human Resources During these trying times, Staci has been going above and beyond to make others feel informed and in - the - loop even if we, as a world, don't know what is going to happen next. Staci started the 'Tuesday Talks with HR' to inform employees of different things coming up and to answer any questions employees may have. She is answering questions with such grace. Even saying "I don't know" when she may not know the answer, but she will find out for you. She has stepped up to the plate and, to me, is the person to look to during this time. She works tirelessly to stay up to date with all the changes. Staci is so worthy of a shout out right now. In HR, we tend to recognize each other on a personal level and keep it within HR, but Staci should also be recognized for all the hard work she has been doing to keep all CWU employees in the know and with compassion.


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