BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Two - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Knowledgeable Torin Munro, Dining Services

I don't like to pick favorites, but if I had to pick a favorite co - worker, Torin would be a strong contender. He is somewhat of a savior around Dining. Somehow, he seems to have his hands in every project, all the time. With seemingly any question or concern brought to him, he delightfully provides a straightforward, detailed response with information exceeding what is necessary. I admire his ability to look deeply into projects or issues to see the layers of possibility beyond what others are able to. I also admire his willingness to remain positive and contributive, especially in these tough and uncertain times. Not only is he immediate, inquisitive, and detailed in his responses, I somehow find Torin thanking me when I bring up issues or provide more work for him to do. Through all of these apparent endless and comprehensive contributions to the Dining team, Torin seems to always be wearing a smile, often laughing throughout his meetings. His genuine positivity has always brought light to the workplace, and in current times acts as a source of relief from the daily anxieties we're all experi- encing. I deeply admire Torin's character and work ethic and am proud to work alongside him.


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