BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Inclusive / Responsive Missy Davis, Human Resources

Over the last several months HR has been working to implement and administer numerous changes to employee leave, work hours, work from home provisions and temporary employment reductions based on the COVID 19 Pandemic. Throughout all of the chaos of creating new leave plans, working with Payroll and IS to imple- ment these plans, track usage, provide instructions to supervisors and employees, updating and generating notices along with the supporting the daily HR operation- al functions Missy has selflessly dedicated her time and energy to her work. Always there to answer a "quick" question even though she is up to her eyeballs in other pressing work. She does her work with a smile and a determined mindset to find a solution, even when the parameters of the issue change, sometime on a daily basis. Missy seeks input from other team members, offers solutions and is always responsive to people's requests. She wholeheartedly demonstrates the WildCat Way!


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