BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Two - Category Nominations

Knowledgeable / Responsive Barrett Jelvik, Wildcat Shop

Barrett continually goes out of his way to acknowledge the good in everyone. Whether this is done formally through a nomination process or informally through a spoken word or note he does not let others accomplishments go unnoticed. He finds the positive in individuals and builds on their strengths.

Knowledgeable / Responsive Chris Huss, Accounting & Financial Services

What a life saver Chris is! His knowledge of FMS is extensive and he is a super - pro with queries and always there to come to the rescue for those of us in need.

Knowledgeable / Responsive Katie Reeder, Facilities Finance

Katie has gained a wealth of knowledge in her short tenure with facilities, even diving in to figure things out when others come to her with questions. She is very responsive and always willing to help a co - worker who needs assistance.

Knowledgeable / Responsive Lacy Lampkins, SURC Accounting

Lacy is constantly sharing her knowledge of budgeting and financing to ensure that our finances are handled accurately due to the many codes affecting student money. She has cited numerous RCW policies and suggested alternatives to the original plan. Her knowledge of excel also has made our life easier, as she is able to teach us shortcuts and how to use the tables more efficiently. She has created accounting tables to match what I was using for budgeting and also is happy to work with us on short notice with reopening services and streamlining our cash handling procedures.


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