BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

During our closure, she is always there and ready to help ensure we stay on track financially. This is done through timely budget reports and frequent meetings to answer any of our questions. It is my great pleasure to nominate Lacy Lampkins!

Knowledgeable / Responsive Lisa Plesha, Vice President ’ s Office

Lisa is extremely responsive and knowledgeable in her role. She works to under- stand the need of our division and each department and works with us to support a spending and budgeting plan. She keeps us updated and informed and is patient with our staff in working through the budgeting process. I think Lisa is one of the best examples of CWU staff living the Wildcat Way each day. Knowledgeable / Responsive Missy Davis, Human Resources Missy is always willing to take the time to share her knowledge of processes and provide information needed for projects with a smile.


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