BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Three - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Danielle Parks, SURC Accounting

Danielle is always fostering a warm and welcoming work environment without sacrificing productivity. Her knowledge of other departments and applicable out- side business practices bring new perspectives otherwise overlooked. Thanks for being part of the team!

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Erin Sargent, Vice President ’ s Office

Erin has an amazing personality and she is warm and welcoming to everyone she meets, she is always going above and beyond to greet, welcome, and encourage her peers and anyone she meets. She has a great smile, and an open and acknowledging way of accepting and welcoming new people, as well as keeping the competitive spirit alive with co - workers in ways that are encouraging and not demoralizing. She is always the first person to volunteer for things, including new projects she has never tried before, and is quick to provide an accurate response to questions and is always looking for ways to meet the requester's needs. If she can't help someone she is able to direct them to the area or individual who can help them. Her knowledge of state accounting system is unparalleled at CWU, as she is the key interface between CWU and the State Accounting System (AFRS), she has to main- tain a knowledge of the translation tools needed to convert CWU information to something that can be read and interpreted by the state AFRS system. She is work- ing closely with the State Budgeting office as well and will probably have that system mastered in no time as well. If she thinks she can do something, she will get it done, and I haven't seen too many things that she didn't think she could accomplish if she set her mind to it.


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