BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Overall I think Erin is an invaluable employee for CWU Accounting and we are lucky to have her with us, our status with the state accounting folks has increased greatly with them knowing that Erin has taken an interest in doing thing right and she is working to streamline and automate the reporting processes as much as possible (before the state changes accounting systems, which is in process with the One Washington project that is designing/selecting the replacement system for AFRS). They have more confidence in our numbers, and are more likely to trust us when we do have to make adjustments or corrections to existing figures. Her cultivation of the relationship with the state accounting group has greatly increased our stand- ing with the state based on calls and discussions we have had with them. I would go on that she is also Proud and Inclusive in very vocal and visible ways, but I feel I should leave some traits for others to comment on.

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Jason Bakeman, Contracts & Purchasing

In every interaction I have had with Jason, he has been friendly and helpful. No matter how busy he is, he is always even - keeled and professional. For example, he patiently takes the time to explain the bidding process in the warehouse, even though he has to do this repeatedly in a single day. He is responsive, whether you are calling, e - mailing, or in the warehouse. Also, he goes above and beyond in helping people, answering questions, making suggestions, and arranging pick - ups. Jason is a role model for how friendly, helpful, and responsive we all should be.

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Sara Senter, Wildcat Shop

Sara's daily actions show her going above and beyond in her daily role as a text- book buyer. She takes her job personally wanting to make sure every student on and off campus is cared for when questions or issues come about with course materials. Sara never makes anyone feel stupid or insecure for asking questions and she puts in extremely long hours to make sure to provide service for the students when they need it most.


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