BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Five - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Heather Harrell, Accounting & Financial Services Without Heather's consideration for federal regulations, reporting requirements, consistency in process, and voice of logic/reason relating to the spending of funds past/present/future, the team's decision - making would be uninformed at best, and potentially misaligned with legislation at worst. Both of them have committed to attending these meetings regardless of the many other very important commitments they have to their primary job roles, and I think it's quite likely that they both, like the rest of our team, have spent hours into evenings and weekends working through our processes in order to get funding to eligible students reporting emergency COVID - related financial situations. The list of ‘ thank yous ’ that our team has collected goes on for pages, and while most are directed to the team and to our Dean of Student Success, I believe each thank you from every student is also meant to be expressed to Inti Valverde and Heather Harrell. In consideration of the 5 pillars: Welcoming, Inclusive, Knowledgeable, Responsive & Proud - both Inti and Heather bring their A - Game to our team meetings every week, and I am so grateful they joined our team to help us, as they say, "build the plane as we're flying it". Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Inti and to Heather, two stellar CWU officials from the BFA Division; your contributions have been exceptional and very much appreciated by everyone else on this team. We couldn't do this incredible work without you.


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