BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Five - Category Nominations

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Zack exemplifies the Wildcat Way. He's Welcoming to those he comes in contact with, whether they are university employees, students needing prints made, or vendors we work with. He is Inclusive, in how he brings a sense of belonging to the clients he comes in contact with, and we've had some interesting characters over the years, helping them feel confident in their projects when the skill set to execute is lacking. Knowledgeable, because he just knows so much. Not only can he execute any print job well, he does all the billing for the depart- ment and can remember where just about anything is in the shop! "Zack, where's that blue paperclip we had three years ago?" "Oh, it's in the second drawer, in the back corner of that cabinet over there." Zack is unfailing in his Responsiveness, whether it's printing a last minute request, or asking for his opinion on some new equipment we might purchase. He makes sure the jobs get done, that the input is given, and that he is valuing what you have to say. And Proud. His contributions to the department, through his own personal work ethic and sense of "rightness," help us, as a department, provide the university with a client experience that we can all be proud of.


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