BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Group Nominations

Responsive Contracts & Purchasing: Carolyn M, Lori H, Kim H, Shelley S The staff in Contracts has a "can do" attitude and are committed to exceptional service. The team is always willing to help and to do so cheerfully - even when the timelines are tight. They take the time to explain the "how" and "why" of what they do and have been willing to assist in creating new processes to better serve departments who have atypical contract requests. I feel in working with them on a "simple" personnel stipend contract or a complicated multi - page document that involves an international company's legal team, the service will always be competent and prompt. The Contract's Group is a security blanket that ensures we are being good stewards on behalf of the university and the state. Additionally, they are all just really nice people and fun to be around!

Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive Human Resources: Dale Lonowski & Joy Corbett

It's not just "what they did. "It's "what they do," all the time, no matter what. Both women are equally super welcoming, with eager smiles to help and/or listen. They both always seem to have a positive perspective or solution to each situation that is presented to them. They both have amazing personalities, are always happy to help others, and they both really do "go the extra mile," which is truly THE WILD- CAT WAY! :)

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Contracts & Purchasing Team

The Contracts & Procurement team assist CWU faculty/staff with contracts and procurement processing needs in a friendly manner while keeping an eye on attention to detail and timely responsiveness. They are always glad to provide information and answer questions to help their customers get answers.


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