BFA Nomination Booklet 2020


Erin Slaughter, Human Resources Erin is always so welcoming at the front desk in Human Resources, helping all our customers and providing an exemplary example of the Wildcat Way for her student staff. But what I really appreciate most is Erin ’ s willingness to help her coworkers with whatever random project we send her way. Recently she has been helping me as together we learn about the immigration process at CWU. Erin always has a smile on her face and is ready to take on any challenge we may bring, eager to learn new things and help the department out in any way she can. I am so grateful to have a colleague like Erin on my team! Joanna Hunt, Wildcat Shop Joanna Hunt helped with my textbook complaints even though it was not her job. I emailed her 3 times over winter break, and she responded by looking up the class and telling me how many books were available. Finally, she forwarded me to Text- books. As a woman of color, it is so nice to be able to leave my department and feel welcomed and know I will get help. Thank you, Joanna! Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services Suzy not only provides our areas with stellar administrative support, but she does it with a warm and positive attitude, daily. Suzy welcomes everyone who passes through our doors and does it sincerely. Suzy is a joy to work with and is always willing to help others. She is an asset to our division and University, we are very fortunate to have her!


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