BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

John Logwood, Financial Planning & Analysis I'm nominating this individual because when I think of someone who is knowledge- able, I think of someone that you know you can ask a question of and they will have the answer or the experience to know how to find the answer. I also know that this person is not selfish with their knowledge and is always eager to share it and provide guidance from it. This person has gained knowledge not only from experience, but from failures and learning from those failures. He isn ’ t afraid to admit that he may have failed, but rather openly acknowledges those failures and sees them as an opportunity to gain more knowledge, and share that to help others avoid the same failures. I say this not only of myself and the positive experience I have gained from this person's knowledge, but also from my experi- ence in meetings when a question is asked and answer is often, "Is John here to an- swer that", or when I get an email from a Dean, Director, or colleague with the re- quest, "Can you ask John if..". To be knowledgeable is to be intelligent and well in- formed. I believe John consistently demonstrates these characteristics. John demonstrates his knowledge of budgeting, accounting, RCM, CatPlan, and excel through his daily workings. Not only does he have a vast knowledge of these items, when asked questions related to them, he is always willing to share infor- mation in a straight forward way to help make others knowledgeable. His experi- ence allows him to make reasonable decisions in the best interest of the University and has provided him with a forward thinking mentality. John has a lot of knowledge of the different processes of the University so he understands how they are interrelated and the cause/effect one thing can have on another. He is knowl- edgeable about the departments, colleges and centers. He often knows who the best person to contact is on campus to assist with resolving any items. He works in multiple CWU systems; FS, CS, CatPlan, HRIS. This has made him a go - to person for finding the right query or helping find out how something happened and showed up that 'weird way'. From this knowledge of these interrelated systems he is often tasked with being on committees or meetings to continue to make improvements


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