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ICREW to offer membership

2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Cheryl Hardt cheryl.hardt@cbre.com PRESIDENT ELECT AND CREW NETWORK delegate Patricia A. Riedel patricia.riedel@cbre.com

OODBRIDGE, NJ — Top-flight higher educat i ona l pro - Message imparted by Dr. R. Barbara Gitenstein ICREW NJ learns how business and education must interact W

“Ultimately, the importance of higher education relates to keeping well-educated workers in-state,” she said. “Graduates tend to get their first jobs in the states where they went to school, and New Jersey has a net out-mi- gration of college students.” “New Jersey’s K-12 system is one of the highest funded, but there has been so little invest- ment in higher education,” said Dr. Gitenstein, urging passage of the November ballot issue to help correct the problem. TCNJ has, since 2001, invested more than $290 million but, “we have to be careful about additional debt, bond ratings and the impact on our students.” What if the bond issue doesn’t pass? “We will have to borrow more money,” she said. “The economic climate is tough, but New Jersey has to be com- petitive. We have to utilize higher education to put people to work and invigorate our communi- ties,” Dr. Gitenstein concluded. “Business leaders should reach out to the institutions, because a good educational systemmakes your life easier, providing better employees with new and better ideas.” “This is a highly important is- sue,” said Cheryl Hardt of CBRE, president of ICREWNJ. “Educa- tion and business must interact to keep our economy vibrant.” ICREW NJ business at the luncheon included the presenta- tion of a check for $12,000, the proceeds of the chapter’s 2012

Golf Outing at Fiddlers Elbow, to officials of the Linda E. Car- dinale MS Center. The chapter also accepted donations for the October philanthropy, Jersey Cares – 17th Annual Coat Drive. “Philanthropy—giving back to the community—is a very im- portant part of our mission,” said Hardt. “I would also like to announce that the membership has ap- proved the 2013 slate of officers,” said Hardt. The incoming slate will be headed by Patricia Riedel of CBRE, serving as president and CREW Network delegate, and president-elect Monica Ceres of Giordano Halleran & Ciesla. Finally, Hardt announced that the membership has approved a name change. With the arrival of 2013, the chapter will be known as CREWNJ, aligning with other chapters in the national CREW Network. The chapter’s next event will be the November luncheon, slated for Thursday, November 15th at the Renaissance Mead- owlands Hotel in Rutherford, NJ, featuring a program titled “Grow New Jersey.” ICREW NJ is the New Jersey Chapter of CREW Network (Commercial Real Estate Net- work), which is dedicated to the advancement of women in com- mercial real estate. Membership organizations are comprised of over 8,000 members representing every discipline within the indus- try and are located in 76 chapters across North America. n

grams and fa- cilities foster workforce de- velopment and economic suc- cess, but New Jersey’s fund- ing for higher education has lagged other states. Gar-

TREASURER Sefi Silverstein ssilverstein@wgcpas.com RECORDING SECRETARY Rachel M. Brindisi rbrindisi@naiglobal.com DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP Mary Lynn Kearns mkearns@dancker.com DIRECTOR, PROGRAMING

Dr. R. Barbara Gitenstein

den State colleges and universi- ties have had to borrow to keep pace, and passage of the Novem- ber ballot issue, “Building Our Future Bond Act,” authorizing $750 million of bonds to provide matching grants, is essential. That was the message imparted by Dr. R. Barbara Gitenstein, President of The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) at ICREW NJ’s October luncheon meeting at the Woodbridge Hilton Hotel. “Without the needed facilities, it is hard to deliver a first-class education,” said Dr. Gitenstein. While noting that more atten- tion has been drawn to higher education by the realignments involving Rutgers and Rowan universities and UMDNJ, “that has been a distraction from the larger questions,” she said. “The reality is that enrollment and degree statistics in New Jersey are not comparable to such states as Massachusetts and North Carolina. Why? Because of short-sighted planning and lack of investment.”

Monica Ceres, Esq. mceres@ghclaw.com Director, Philanthropy Susan Karp skarp@coleschotz.com DIRECTOR, SPONSORSHIP Patricia D. Faulkner pfaulkner@naiglobal.com DIRECTOR, SPONSORSHIP Diane Menard diane.menard@prestigetitle.net DIRECTOR, SPECIAL PROJECTS/GOLF Robin S. Grossman rgros30687@aol.com DIRECTOR, SPECIAL PROJECTS/PR Rebecca Machinga, CPA rmachinga@withum.com ADVISOR & CREW NETWORK DELEGATE Sheila Spriggs Nall snall@kssarchitects.com ADVISOR Silvana Finizio sfinizio@carouselindustries.com

• President and CREW Network Delegate - Patricia Riedel, CBRE Inc • President Elect and CREW Network Delegate - Monica Ceres, Giordano Halleran & Ciesla PC • Treasurer - Rebecca Machinga, WithumSmith+Brown PC • Recording Secretary - Stacey Weinberg, Federal Business Centers • Director of Membership - Mary Lynn Kearns, Dancker Sellew & Douglas • Director of Programming - Kim Keating, Marsh McLennan Agency • Director of Sponsorship - Patricia Faulkner, NAI Global • Director of Sponsorship - Diane Menard, Prestige Title Agency Inc • Director of Special Projects - Golf - Robin Grossman, Zycus • Director of Special Projects - Website/PR - Susan Karp, Cole Schotz • Director of Philanthropy - Rachel Brindisi - NAI Global • Advisor - Cheryl Hardt, CBRE Inc ICREW NJ - BOARD OF DIRECTORS - 2013 Congratulations to the 2013 board of directors:

ADVISOR & BYLAWS Annette Murray, CPA amurray@wgcpas.com

• Advisor & Bylaws - Sheila Nall, KSS Architects • Advisor - Silvana Finizio, Carousel Industries

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