By David MacDonald T hat’s right. AMSOIL was first back in ‘72. It came off the starting line before Mobil 1 and Quaker State. It even zoomed past Valvoline, which had been in the petroleum-based lubricant race since 1873. Amatuzio, a retired US jet fighter squadron commander, envisioned “a new age in lubrication science.” Forty-four years on, Amatuzio’s vision is still

gaining altitude, so to speak, but for now, let’s head back to the runway. “In 1972,” Alex explained, “Al was approaching his retirement from the US Air Force. The military was using synthetic oil in their jet engines and he figured the technology could be adapted for automobile engines. He knew synthetic oil would run in a car’s engine much longer and increase performance. You can imagine creating synthetic oil that out-performed the competition was full of struggles. He worked with various suppliers to get what he considered to be



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