Alex and Anne Farkas are married. Alex is in insurance. Anne is a church secretary. They’re from Haldimand, a rural city-status single-tier municipality on the Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Canada “that offers,” according to the business homepage of, “road, rail, seaway and nearby international airport access to North America’s industrial heartland.” These are the kinds of roots that help an independent AMSOIL Dealer grow tall and grow fast. In fact, the Farkases are the epitome of the kind of commitment

AMSOIL founder Al Amatuzio had in mind when he first took on the big brands in 1972 with the first ever synthetic oil to be recognized by the American Petroleum Institute, AMSOIL 10W-40. “When we originally applied to become licensed dealers in 2000, they sent us customized registration forms set up for a husband and wife team. They’re one of the few oil companies in the US that’s still independent and family-owned. They take the time to know who their dealers and potential

dealers are. It’s that kind of attention to detail that makes AMSOIL number one in synthetics.”



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