This is an agreement entered into by and between


#501/D-5, Elite Gardens, Aundh

Pune – 411007, Maharashtra, India

Hereinafter referred to as “ATYAASAA”


AB Corporation Ltd.


Hereinafter referred to as "ABC"

for collaborating in the delivery of various online programmes designed, developed and delivered by

Atyaasaa. ATYAASAA now wishes to expressly state that:

1. ATYAASAA has recently launched its online e-learning portal i.e. AtyaasaaOnline.

2. ATYAASAA is glad to offer online courses on this platform to the students of ABC.

Courses offered and administrative process

For free online course:

3. The bonafide students of ABC will be able to enrol for the ATYAASAA’s online course titled

‘Transitioning into Leadership (Managerial Effectiveness)’and complete the same by or before 365

days from the date of enrolment to the same.

4. For this purpose, ABC is to generate a list of its bonafide students in the format provided by

ATYAASAA and arrange to send the print copy of the same duly signed by the ABC authorized

signatory and bearing ABC stamp, to ATYAASAA’s SPOC (Single Point of Contact).

5. ABC will also arrange to send a softcopy of the same in MS-Excel format over email to


6. Upon receipt of this list from ABC, ATYAASAA will generate the corresponding respective free

coupons for each of the students and arrange to send it to each one of them directly.

7. This coupon can be used only by the specified bonafide student to whom it has been issued as per

the list furnished by ABC for the purpose of enrolling into the course titled ‘Transitioning into

Leadership (Managerial Effectiveness)’. The coupons are non-transferable to any other person.



This agreement shall terminate automatically:

a. If any party hereto commits breach of any provisions of this agreement and the party who is

alleged to have committed breach is served with a notice by the other party, thirty (30) days

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